· January, 2009

Stories about Cambodia from January, 2009

Cambodia: Internet censorship targets artists

  30 January 2009

The Cambodian Ministry of Women's Affairs has threatened to block a Web site that contains artistic illustrations of bare-breasted Apsara dancers and a Khmer Rouge soldier. This censorship targets Cambodian artists who are more recognized not in offline exhibitions but through their presence on the world wide web.

Cambodia: Demolition of Dey Krahorm Community

  26 January 2009

A community in Phnom Penh was demolished last Saturday. Aside from the violence, the demolition attracted attention because it was “one of the biggest urban redevelopment stories in the capital over the last decade.” But city officials denied the action was an eviction.

Southeast Asia: Ship of dreams and friendship

  16 January 2009

Take a luxury cruise liner, fill it with some 300 vibrant youths from Southeast Asia and Japan, stir in cultural agenda and social interactions. The result: a strong bond and lifetime friendship. This is the story of the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Programme.

Cambodia plans to regulate internet and blogging

  16 January 2009

Cambodia’s Ministry of Information is drafting a law that will extend the current print media regulations to other forms of media, including the internet. Some bloggers and media groups are worried that the law might be used as a tool to silence critics in the internet

Cambodia: Liberation Day or Invasion Day?

  14 January 2009

The Cambodian government commemorated the 30th year of the downfall of the Khmer Rouge regime. But opinion is divided whether this day should be celebrated as Liberation Day or Invasion Day since Vietnam, which helped in removing the Khmer Rouge, occupied Cambodia until 1988

Cambodian leader's collection of doctorate degrees

  11 January 2009

The Son of the Empire comments that the numerous Honorary PhDs given to Cambodian leader Hun Sen are unnecessary: “Hun Sen doesn’t need such many fake Honorary Doctorate Degrees to be recognized as an educated and competent leader to Cambodian people if he can prove himself as a REAL Leader...

Cambodia: “Victory over Genocide”

  8 January 2009

Cambodia celebrates the 30th year of the fall of the Khmer Rouge regime. The theme for this year’s anniversary is “Victory over Genocide.” But Modern Progressive Khmer insists Cambodia was not liberated on this day in 1979 since Vietnam occupied the country.