· December, 2006

Stories about Cambodia from December, 2006

Cambodia: Video Footage from 1960s Cambodia

  24 December 2006

Phenomenon highlights couple of youtube videos of 1960s Cambodia. “if you’ve never been to Cambodia, it’ll look like a cheesy 60s Disney documentary but if you’ve been to these places, you’ll probably want to cry.”

Cambodia: Former Police Chief Extradited from Malaysia

  22 December 2006

Sopheak blogs about the former Cambodian police chief Heng Pov who was brought back to Cambodia from Malaysia to serve his 18 years sentence for the murder of a judge. Heng Pov denies his role in the murder and was seeking to leave Malaysia for Finland where he was granted...

Cambodia: Personal Information Technology Workshop Spurs Blogging

  14 December 2006

DeeDee, A young Cambodian blogger posts images from a recently held personal information technology workshop in Seam Reap, the second largest city in Cambodia. “We’re very happy to see that many students there now know about blog and are interested in the workshop. Sooner or later, we hopefully waiting to...

Cambodia: Land Evictions

  14 December 2006

Mongkol links to videos of land eviction in Cambodia and says “It pains me to see how bad our poor people have suffered and how serious social inequality is getting”. The Cambodian government is ignoring the interest of the people and clearing land eying the investment it might bring in.

Cambodia: The Cambodian Land Grab

  10 December 2006

ki-media links to Australian television story on the land grab taking place in Cambodia. After the Khmer Rouge was ousted, the Cambodia Goverment allowed anyone who occupied a piece of land legally for five year to become the de-facto owner of the land. As the land prices are growing, the...

Google sends new year gift to Cambodia

  5 December 2006

Google users in Cambodia were surprised to find that when they visit www.google.com, the site redirects them to www.google.com.kh domain. In early December the largest web search company launched Google Cambodia domain that provides users the possibility of finding information in Khmer, the official language of Cambodia. “Today, to my...

Cambodia: John Pilger's Cambodia- The Betrayel

  3 December 2006

My Khmerican Corner is inviting readers to watch Australian documentary maker John Pilger's Cambodia – The Betrayal. “Watch and Analyze. This film was made in 1990, but many facts are still hold true.” John Pilger was one of the first western journalist to expose the assistance provided by some Western...