· February, 2012

Stories about Cambodia from February, 2012

Southeast Asia’s Three-Wheeled Vehicles

  21 February 2012

Tuktuk, Beca, Kuliglig, Trishaw, Pedicab, Becak, Tricycle. These are the famous three-wheeled vehicles in the Southeast Asian region. They can be seen in the streets of urban centers but governments are trying to ban these ubiquitous pedicabs and motorized rickshaws in major throughfares.

Cambodia: Information About Land Evictions

  20 February 2012

Stories Without Borders provides links to pertinent news articles, videos, and other documents about the land evictions in Cambodia. Over 250,000 Cambodians have been displaced by illegal land evictions in both urban and rural areas.

Cambodia: Demolition of Houses in Borei Keila

  9 February 2012

Forced evictions and land grabbing are getting worse in Cambodia. But the case which grabbed global attention involves the violent demolition of an urban poor community in Borei Keila located in central Phnom Penh. This is the story of the residents' struggle for their land and housing rights.

Cambodia: Mass Fainting in Garment Factories

  2 February 2012

Cambodia’s first ever People’s Tribunal on Minimum Living Wage and Decent Working Conditions for garment workers will take place next week which will tackle, among other things, the poor working conditions in garment factories which caused thousands of workers to faint in their workplaces