· February, 2007

Stories about Cambodia from February, 2007

Cambodia: Banning Ads

  28 February 2007

Vutha says Cambodian wonders about the double standards of the government in banning tuk-tuk drivers from displaying commercials on their vehicle in a bid to “preserve public order and the beauty of the capital” and at the same time allowing billboards featuring alcohol.

Cambodia: PopStar Shot At

  23 February 2007

Sopheak writes about a Cambodian pop star Pov Panha who was shot in broad daylight on Feb 23.

Cambodia: Village Poisoned by Pond Water

  22 February 2007

Vutha in Cambodia is following the news from a village where more than 400 people fell sick after consuming the water from a pond. “Villagers have not now been allowed to use the water and catch fish from pond. By the way, ministry of health also sent water for running...

Re-writing the history of Cambodia

  14 February 2007

Cambodia’s most prominent literary scholar Keng Vannsak lately unveiled a shocking finding of the life of twelfth-century King Jayavarman VII. As a Buddhist ruler of the Khmer Empire, the sage king who governed the kingdom during its most glorious period in the history, is regarded with great respect and widely...

Cambodia: Be the first to tell

  2 February 2007

Too often, most people, want to be the first to be informed of events and situation happening around them or anywhere else in the other of parts of the world. In the world where technology is changing the way we live, we want to do more than just being the...