· June, 2006

Stories about Cambodia from June, 2006

Cambodia: NGO Woes

  28 June 2006

Vutha in Cambodia writes about conflicts and internal disputes within NGOs operating in Cambodia. HE says “I have worked with NGOs for more than 3 years. I observed that there are more problems happening in those institutions by some factors such as leaders’ poor management, nepotism, lack of transperancy of...

Cambodia: Teacher's Strike

  20 June 2006

Vutha in Cambodia reports that the government is not allowing the teachers demanding higher pay to hold a protest strike. Commenting a government officials callous statement on the teacher's salaries, Vutha writes “What he said about raising the high salary is what is unbelievable. It meant that government have no...

From the Kingdom of Cambodia to the United States of America

  18 June 2006

In July, Somongkol Teng will leave Cambodia for the United States to pursue a master's degree in Higher Education Administration. Under the US State Department's Fulbright grant Somongkol plans to earn his graduate degree from Boston College of Massachusetts. Formerly an undergraduate of Royal University of Phnom Penh, he later...

Cambodia: World Cup Woes

  14 June 2006

Vutha in Cambodia discusses the seedier side effect of World Cup – gambling. “Bet on footbal was a driven force to make my youngest brother to drop out school and sold his motocycle for betting football match. Before this problem happened I always told him to stop betting football. One...

Cambodia: Cambodia in World Cup

  14 June 2006

Lux at Cambodia Blog talks about Cambodian football “I am not sure whether I live long enough to see Cambodia go to World Cup because of the management and problem in Cambodia Olympic Committee that oversees Cambodian Football Association. Recent news report about corruption and controversies are killing my dream.”

Cambodia: Buddhist Monks and Football

  9 June 2006

Vutha in a post titled Reaction to watching World Cup 2006 compares the reaction of various people on monks watching the World Cup matches. “Meanwhile, there are different reactions to Buddist monks watching football match because they think that it is against the Buddisht faith and monks are required to...

Cambodia: Book on Cambodian History

  9 June 2006

Andy in his blog talks about a new book on Cambodian history “A book arrived through my letterbox today for review, namely John Tully's A Short History of Cambodia : From Empire To Survival, courtesy of Australian publishers Allen & Unwin. Thanks guys. Its a 270-page book intended for tourists,...

Pornography Fear Sparks Cambodia 3G Ban

  1 June 2006

The fear of pornography spreading through video-capable mobile phone prompted the wives of government officials to petition the government to formally ban the new 3G technology. The planned 3G network shows the potential that the growing popularity of mobile phones has in Cambodia. However, in an attempt to improve social...