· September, 2009

Stories about India from September, 2009

India: The Web Meets The Road In The Great Driving Challenge

  12 September 2009

An automobile company in India recently held a promotional/marketing event named ‘The Great Driving Challenge‘, in which social media was used innovatively both to create buzz as well as to decide the final winner. Contestants shared their travel experiences through blog posts, photos, videos etc.

Indian Bloggers Confront Street Harassment

  10 September 2009

“Eve-teasing” is a term that is used in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh for sexual harassment or molestation in the street. The Blank Noise Project, which was started by an art student six years ago, aims to confront street harassment and change public perceptions of it.

India: 99999 Lights Out Campaign

  10 September 2009

Kenney Jacob informs about the “99999 lights out” campaign launched by a Chennai-based voluntary environmental service organization to create awareness on global warming: “The campaign carries the message – switch off lights for 9 minutes at 9 p.m. on the 9th day of the 9th month on the 9th year...

India: Blogs And Ad-revenues

  9 September 2009

With a cartoon post, Brainstuck takes a humorous look at the consequence for optimization of blogs to get more ad-revenues.

India: Teachers Day

  7 September 2009

September 5 was celebrated as the national teachers’ day in India for the appreciation of teachers or Gurus. “One most important thing that is inherently Indian, is the respect given to Gurus in India,” informs Uber Desi.

India: Give Your Life For A Leader

  4 September 2009

Amit Varma at India Uncut reacts to the news that 14 people died in different parts of Andhra Pradesh hearing about the death of Chief Minister of the state YSR Reddy. The blogger comments: “It’s quite possible that many of these deaths, if not all, randomly happened around that time,...

India: Its Raining Blogs

  4 September 2009

Jayakrishnan Unnithan notices the abundance of blogs in the blogosphere and comments: “keep blogging if it is good it will be read and you will be a blog star, else you go down the drainage.”

India: The Young And Fair International Actresses In Bollywood

  2 September 2009

Santosh at Über Desi finds that almost all foreign actresses recently introduced in Bollywood movies are young fair skinned attractive females. The blogger opines that: “an unhealthy obsession with skin color is not a new phenomenon to Indian society, a deep rooted post-colonial hangover, that seems to manifest itself in...