· October, 2011

Stories about India from October, 2011

India: Women Bloggers Meet In Mumbai

  17 October 2011

Ugich Konitari attended the Dove-Indiblogger Women Bloggers Meet held in mid-town Mumbai on the 16th of October 2011 and wrote about it. More than 90 women from various parts of Mumbai and possibly from nearby cities participated.

India: A Tribute To Jagjit Singh

  16 October 2011

Parvinder Singh pays a tribute to the Indian Ghazal music legend Jagjit Singh and shares how his music crossed borders and faiths.

World Food Day: Living with Hunger Pangs

  16 October 2011

According to the World Bank, nearly 1 billion people go to bed hungry around the world, and the rising food prices will make that number grow. Today, for the World Food Day, we put faces on those hungry families and hear their stories.

India: The Hidden Corruption

  14 October 2011

Dheera Sujan points out that grass-root struggles like Chhattisgarh's Soni Sori do not attract proper attention in India and their voices are being silenced in a hidden corruption.

India: Torture By Teachers

  11 October 2011

Kenney Jacob posts a first hand report from a student of an engineering college in central Kerala which tells about torture by teachers in that institution leading to a female student being hospitalized.

India: Candle-light Newscast In A News Channel In Karnataka

  10 October 2011

Recently in Karnataka, newscasters of the Kannada language channel Suvarna News read out the news with a candle on top of their desks to convey the impact of the power cuts in the state, reports Sans Serif. “Hopefully, the channel’s viewers had electricity back home to see the candle-light bulletins”,...

India: Malpractices In Coaching Centers

  9 October 2011

Vijay Menon writes about some coaching centers which engage in malpractices to get substandard students enrolled in the much craved Indian Institute for Technologies, a group of autonomous engineering and technology-oriented institute of higher education in India.

India: The Advent Of $45 Tablet PCs

  5 October 2011

Aakash, the world's cheapest Tablet PC ($45), has been launched in India, reports Anupam Saxena. The government plans to distribute 10 million tablet PCs to post-secondary students in India.