· October, 2010

Stories about India from October, 2010

India: Free Speech Or Sedition?

  31 October 2010

Indian novelist, essayist and activist Arundhati Roy's recent statement on Kashmir stirred a debate across India. Along-with Indian media, the Indian blogosphere and social networking sites have exploded with reactions for and against her statement.

India: Goodbye Bluline Bus

  26 October 2010

Raja Basu at Potpourri welcomes the announcement of the Delhi city government to withdraw Blueline Buses from December 14, 2010 because of its poor service records.

India: Ayodhya Verdict And Secular Conscience

  26 October 2010

The six-decade-old Ayodhya dispute has been “acknowledged as one of India’s most divisive and contentious issues which have flared up repeatedly to polarize the country along religious lines by instilling a stream of dangerous ideas deep inside a devout Indian society, ” comments Words From Solitude.

India: Mobile Phones & Security

  20 October 2010

In India, “nine out of ten women reported feeling safer due to their mobile phones”, informs Priyanka Matanhelia, who is researching on mobile phone usage amongst youth.

India: Village Health Issues

  18 October 2010

Brijesh Nair visited a village in the state of Tamil Nadu in India and found that the drinking water infrastructure in a “lower caste community” was in poor condition causing health issues among the village people.

India: Twitter For Blood

  18 October 2010

Suresh C introduces to us an innovative tool in India called tweet4blood. Developed by Thejesh, this Twitter based tool lets you request for blood to followers @tweet4blood who are donors. Tweets are also hashtagged city wise for easy finding.

India: Shashi Tharoor On The Ayodhya Verdict

  16 October 2010

“What the court has done is to craft a solution that no political process could have arrived at independently, but which takes the dispute off the streets,” comments Shashi Tharoor, a former Indian Minister of State for External Affairs and UN Under- Secretary General, while discussing on the recent court...

India: 150 Mercedes Cars For Aurangabad

  15 October 2010

Ugich Konitari from Mumbai reacts to the news that 150 young entrepreneurs, industrialists, professionals, and moneyed men from Aurangabad city bought expensive Mercedes Benz cars for each of them in a single day to secure a different recognition in the world.

India: The Grand Secret OS

  14 October 2010

Greatbong takes a hilarious look at the Indian Defence Research and Development Organisation's (DRDO) proposal to create a “closed source operating system” to protect Data.

India: A View From Kashmir

  12 October 2010

Wasim Khalid, a Srinagar based journalist, shares at South Asia Wired how it is like to live under curfew in Jammu & Kashmir since June.

China and Tibet: Democracy in Exile

  12 October 2010

Being a Tibetan in exile is a loss that manifests in many forms: the loss of homeland and natural rights fall within that. To some degree, the loss is also a blessing in disguise. Exile bestows upon Tibetan refugees in Dharamshala a reinforced national identity, a free voice, the right to practise and spread their religion without fear of persecution and the right to vote.

India: The Best Solution For The Ayodhya Dispute

  10 October 2010

TheBigThinkg has the best solution for the Ayodhya dispute: “remove the idols of Ram and Sita which has been placed inside the Babri Masjid structure against all Agama Sastras, by people drunk with Abhimana and Ahamkara (such people are called hoodlums/thugs) and let our Muslim brothers to decide what they...

India: Women In Call Centers

  9 October 2010

Manka Banda at AAUW Dialog reviews Reena Patel's recent book which discusses among other things about the challenges and opportunities female employees in India’s call centers encounter in their everyday lives.