· September, 2008

Stories about India from September, 2008

India: The Kolu

  30 September 2008

Blokesablogin writes in Desicritics about the Kolu: “While the Bengalis begin their Pujo, many of us in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, set up ‘steps’ and have a dolls exhibition, many of them themed after stories from the Ramayana, Mahabharata and Shrimad Bhagavatham.”

India: Plagiarism continues in MSM

  30 September 2008

Travel Tales from India informs of yet another case of plagiarism of a blogger´s content by an Indian popular news daily. Sudipta thinks that Bloggers should wake up and react.

India: Recent bombings and economics

  29 September 2008

Pass The Roti On The Left Side comments on the second bombing incident in Delhi in recent times: “While you can pitch this in communal terms or identity terms of various kinds.., ultimately, this is driven in my opinion by economic factors which are understood in politics through communal and...

Jordan: Think before you Fire

  26 September 2008

Jordanian Jazarah links to a story from India where a mob of dismissed workers beat the CEO of their company to death with a hammer. His advice: “Think twice before such decisions, or take the decision on your way to the plane and take a long vacation.”

India: Saying goodbye to TATA

  24 September 2008

DCBA comments on the issue of TATA being forced out of West Bengal in India: “This critical issue can only be solved by politicians with a commitment to India’s development and not by opportunist politicians who are just raising slogans to score quick cheap points.“

India: Shocking apologist

  24 September 2008

I love life… so I explore is shocked to hear that the CEO of an Italy-based company in India was beaten to death by a group of dismissed employees. And more shocking to the blogger was the Union Labour Minister's statement “This should serve as a warning for the managements”.

India: The road ahead for West Bengal

  23 September 2008

Sunday Posts discusses the politics behind resisting the establishment of Tata Motor's factory in Singur and the State Government's failure to resolve the problem. The blog also discusses the impacts it will have on the West Bengal state.

India: Help Bihar flood victims

  22 September 2008

To Revolutionize India informs of an innovative site to help the flood victims of Bihar, India. You just have to answer simple questions, and the sponsors will pay to the NGO on your behalf.

India, Nepal: Kosi Rivers fury

  22 September 2008

Tritiopokhkho discusses how the Koshi river, which flows from the Himalayan ranges of Nepal and flows into the plains of Northern Bihar of India, has caused massive floods in vast areas of Nepal and India.

India: Police and politics

  22 September 2008

I love life..so I explore says that in India the police allegedly keep a corrupt nexus with the politicians who shield the criminals and terrorists. But usually they are the ones under public scrutiny instead of the politicians.

India: Anti-tobacco policy

  19 September 2008

Suman Kumar criticizes the tobacco policy of India and tells that the anti-tobacco/anti-smoking policies taken by the government are not based on ground realities.

India: Economics behind terror

  18 September 2008

Diganta of The New Horizon believes that economics was also a factor in the recent Delhi bombings: “People who were in traditional business do feel deprived when they compare themselves with the common employees of knowledge industry. I feel the entire gang of people involved in the blasts are from...

Bahrain: Hair-raising conversation

  17 September 2008

Sous, a Swede living in Bahrain, repeats a conversation she had with an Indian woman, who after finding out that Sous was fasting told her she should cover her hair: “Swede: Well, I’m thinking to shave it all off and then that problem is solved! Indian:No!…Aren’t you married? Swede: No....

India: Victim of terrorism

  16 September 2008

Sanjukta‘s family narrowly escaped the recent bomb blast in Delhi. The first thought came into her sister's mind is that: “we have all been turned into insects, just waiting to be crushed anytime. There is no value of our lives, you never know when, where and how.”

India: Delhi serial blasts and after thoughts

  15 September 2008

On September 13th the capital of India was rocked and terrorized by serial blasts. This is the fourth bombing incident targeting innocent people this year after Jaipur, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad. Aaman Lamba reports in Desicritics: Five bombs went off in succession in Karol Bagh, Connaught Place, and Greater Kailash I,...