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Stories about India from May, 2009

India: Perspectives on Growing up in India

  28 May 2009

Thanks to the Adobe Youth Voices program, young people in different parts of the world are having the opportunity to experiment with audiovisual equipment and tell their stories from their perspective. Such is the case in India, where youth from many different schools and slums have been making videos to show the world that surrounds them and their concerns.

Bangladesh, India: No To Tipaimukh Dam

  27 May 2009

The Tipaimukh Hydroelectric Project is being constructed near the confluence of Barak and Tuivai rivers, in Manipur, India and within 100km of Bangladesh border. The project will submerge a huge portion of land, thereby making thousands of people homeless and threatening the habitats of Indigenous population in India. The downstream neighbor Bangladesh will also face severe environmental and economic consequences.

India: The Kuri System

  27 May 2009

Mady writes about the “kuri” system of Kerala, which is sort of a chit fund system: “evolving from a noble social purpose, it grew to become a lucrative and unregulated business.”

India: Violence In Gurudwara

  26 May 2009

Amardeep at Sepia Mutiny discusses the backgrounds of the recent violence at a Sikh Gurdwara in Vienna, Austria and the subsequent Sikh sectarian violence in Punjab, India.

India: Cyclone Aila Strikes

  25 May 2009

Scores of people were killed and many injured in India and Bangladesh as cyclone Aila made a downfall in the region earlier today. Sukanya at Notes from wherever I happen to be… writes from Kolkata: “trapped as we were at work…while Aila created havoc. [..] Uprooted posts, torn wires and...

India: Saving Lives With Paper

  25 May 2009

Anuradha Parekh at The Better India writes about the struggles of the poverty ridden Sahariya tribe in Madhya Pradesh, India. A local NGO called TARA (Technology and Action for Rural Advancement) came to their rescue by teaching them how to make handmade papers and that has changed the lives of...

Bahrain: Our Need For Indians Is Like Our Need For Air

Earlier this month, Bahrain announced that it would be ending the system of sponsorship of foreign labour. While the move is intended to stop the exploitation of workers, especially from the Indian subcontinent, for some Bahrainis the idea of it becoming easier for foreigners to work in the country is worrying. In this post a blogger talks about the Indian presence in Bahrain.

India: Communication Via Word Of Mouth

  21 May 2009

A Year In India realizes that word of mouth is a strong mean of communication in India because: “this may have to do with illiteracy, a lack of technology and infrastructure, and a large percentage of the population living in isolated, rural settings.”

India: Bowing Down Before Your Wife

  21 May 2009

Sumanth at Desicritics reports of a verdict of the Indian Supreme Court on a divorce case, which asked the plaintiff to “bow down before his wife's ‘diktat'”. The post containing Sumanth's reaction to the verdict sparks a heated debate in the comments section.

India: Election Analysis

  20 May 2009

Law and Other Things posts some contrasting interpretation of the results of the recently concluded parliamentary elections in India.

India: Picking The Right Cabinet

  20 May 2009

Supriyo Chaudhuri at Sunday Posts says that the popular pastime in India now is picking a cabinet for the newly elected government and he indulges himself by listing one of his own choice. What's your choice?

The IndiBlogger.in State of the Indian Blogosphere 2009

  19 May 2009

IndiBlogger.in is a vibrant community of Indian blogs with some excellent features like a topic-wise directory with ranks (IndiRank) and a meme-tracker (IndiVine). I have put together the highlights of some interesting data from the 7895 blogs that the aggregator crawls in an "IndiBlogger.in State of the Indian Blogosphere Dashboard".

Sri Lanka: Bloggers react to the death of the LTTE leader

  18 May 2009

The government of Sril Lanka announced via state media and SMS today (Monday, May 18, 2009) afternoon that the leader of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE), Vellupillai Prabhakaran, is dead. Obituaries of Prabhakaran note that he was a hero to some and a ruthless killer to others. Sri Lankan Bloggers lament on the legacy of this war lord and what his demise means for the future of the Tamil people and Sri Lanka.

India Votes for No Change: Indian Bloggers & Twitter Users React to #IndiaVotes09 Results

The results for the month long Indian Lok Sabha elections are out and India has voted back the incumbent Congress-led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) into power with a decisive verdict, surprising many observers. The Congress supporters are jubilant, and the BJP die-hards are understandably glum, but most neutral Indian bloggers and Twitter users are happy with the verdict, for more reason than one.

India: A Surprise Result

  16 May 2009

AnIndianMuslim.com writes about the Lok Sabha election results 2009 published today: ” ‘The Congress’ victory and its revival has surprised even the most optimistic party workers who till recently appeared unsure that they would be able to reach close to 190 seats. [..] Nobody had anticipated that the UPA would...

India Elections 2009: Tapping Into The Twitter

  16 May 2009

As the results of the Indian Parliamentary Elections 2009 came trickling in since today morning, Indians from all around the world were glued on to their TV or pc screens to see the updates. The Twitter tag “#indiavotes09″ became the number one topic on the trends list of Twitter search as more an more Indians voiced their opinions and disseminated information about the election results via Twitter.

India Elections 09: India votes decisively, decides to strengthen the hand of stability

  16 May 2009

Election results are pouring in from all across the country and it is now clear that India has voted decisively for a stable government at the center, under the leadership of the Congress-led UPA. Dr. Manmohan Singh is going to be the Prime Minister for a second consecutive term. Even before all the results are in, just going by the trends, the BJP-led NDA alliance has publicly conceded defeat.