· March, 2010

Stories about India from March, 2010

India: Water Crisis Is Man Made

  30 March 2010

Muriel Kakani writes that India’s recent water crisis is “predominantly a man-made problem”. The blogger opines that ‘water harvesting from rainfalls’ can be a solution.

India: Battle Of Two Newspapers

  29 March 2010

Sans Serif brings to you a three part story of the battle between two major newspapers of India – The Indian Express and The Hindu (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3).

India: Twestival At 7 Cities

  26 March 2010

According to Blogadda, many Indian Twitterati engaged themselves yesterday in a Twitter festival dubbed ‘Twestival’ across seven cities of India simultaneously. Please check out http://twestival.blogadda.com for complete coverage of Twestival across the globe!

India: Not A Culture Or An Idea, But An Experience

  25 March 2010

Sometimes people ask what India is – a country, an idea or a culture? According to Supriyo Chaudhuri “India is an experience. It is greater than the country, more diverse than just the idea and more dynamic than what is understood to be its culture;” as described in his blog...

Jamaica, U.S.A.: On Extradition

  22 March 2010

Blogging about Jamaica's refusal to extradite Christopher ‘Dudus’ Coke to the US, Active Voice says that “there's no level playing field”, while My View of JamDown from UpSo adds: “The fact is that Jamaica is neither America's weed nor cocaine dealer!”

Global: Furs And Fashion

  18 March 2010

Last month the fashion world went literally “wild” during the unveiling of fall collections. They had models strutting the catwalk in so much fur, it was scary enough to make animal rights activists and environmentalists jump out of their skins.

India: Masters, Not Representatives

  18 March 2010

Amit Verma at India Uncut comments on the news that garlands of thousand-rupee notes were presented to a political leader in India: “this kind of behaviour demonstrates, yet again, how our politicians believe that they are our rulers, and not our servants.”

India: Mumbai Traffic

  17 March 2010

Entrepreneur and blogger Rajesh Jain comments on the traffic in Mumbai: “from my own experience, average traffic speed has probably halved in the past decade.”

India: Wither Hockey?

  14 March 2010

Amreekan Desi writes about the dismal performance of the Indian hockey team in the ongoing world cup.

India: The IPL Extravaganza

  12 March 2010

The 3rd season of the Twenty20 cricket extravaganza, The Indian Premier League (IPL), begins today in India. Indians are riding the wave of the IPL craze and netizens are also on a high. IPL became a trending topic in Twitter today.

India: Honor Killing Recognized By A Court?

  11 March 2010

Dilip D'Souza at Death Ends Fun writes about the reasoning of a verdict by the Supreme Court of India and comments: “what I want to know is, when will we stop referring to this kind of murder as “honour killing”?”

Sri Lanka: Salutations To Mrs. Sonia Gandhi

  11 March 2010

Lankawomen.net, a blog dedicated to improve the representation of women in Sri Lankan politics, honors Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Chairperson of the United Progressive Alliance (UPA) and President of Indian National Congress, for her role in the recently enacted Women's Reservation bill.

Against Cyber-Censorship – Voices in Hindi

  11 March 2010

On the occasion of the World Day Against Cyber Censorship, netizens across the world are realizing that even in this age internet is not free from restrictions on freedom of expression. In this post, Hindi bloggers reflect on press freedom from different angles.