· July, 2005

Stories about India from July, 2005


  28 July 2005

Dhaka experienced heavy rains (156mm within 24 hours) early this month. The excess downpours inundated nearly a quarter of the cosmopolitan disrupting lives of its 10 million citizens. Streets and roads remained waterlogged, schools were shut down and shopping malls remained closed. But nothing is close to what Mumbai has...

India: Sussing out an honest bureaucrat

22 July 2005

The overseas South Asian blog Sepia Munity points to an interview of a returning Indian and the hurdles he had to clear in creating his own business.

India: July Blogger Meets

21 July 2005

The dates, times, and locations of the upcoming Bombay bloggers meet of July 2005 and the Chennai bloggers meet have been announced and posted. Via Desipundit.

India: Fair = Lovely

21 July 2005

The Indian blog Vislumbres looks at the country's obession with light skin color.