· August, 2006

Stories about India from August, 2006

India: Is The World Really Flat? It looks like.

  31 August 2006

This round-up is a patchwork quilt of blog postings with a global flavor. And flavor is the key word since we end our journey with a culinary post that takes us back to the 15th century which was the start of another globalization era....

India: Linux and Coke

  30 August 2006

Nanopolitan on the recent move in Kerala on promoting open source and Linux in public institutions and how the issue is being fused with a rather disconnected one of the ban on Coke and Pepsi in the state.

India: Tourists in the UK

  30 August 2006

30 in 2005 on the phenomenon of more Indian tourists in the UK. “And these are not just salwar kameez and saree aunties who have come to look after their children/ grand-children. These are bona fide tourists. Backpacks, cameras and sneakers. All the way from India.”

India: Street Art

  29 August 2006

Trivial Matters has a wonderful post on street art in India. “The question now arises that are the best and the brightest advertisers in India really the guys working in AC buildings behind their Macs or the street artists who dream up exciting graphics which are then rolled out on...

India: The National Song

  29 August 2006

A recent controversy surrounding the move to make the singing of the National Song compulsary has had some minority groups protest. Indian Muslims on what the issue with singing the song – Vande Mataram is all about.

India: God of Encroachment

  28 August 2006

Recursive Hypocrisy on the God of Encroachment in Chennai – Vinayaka. Where every few feet you stumble into a a tiny temple. Power and boundaries in a secular country defined by how many temples one can make.

India: Flights and racial profiling

  28 August 2006

While racial profiling of some passengers may have contributed to their being detained in Amsterdam has bothered quite a few people. Dhoomketu writes about insensitive travellers and Govindraj remembers another flight journey where some passengers created quite a commotion.

Global Food Blog Report #29

  28 August 2006

#1: Maika's Blog on Haitian Food: "Griot" (pronounced: greee-yo ) a popular Haitian original.  Which is fried pork shoulder accompanied with a spicy hot as habanero cole slaw like condiment called “Picklese” (s pronounced like a z).  And served with a side of fried flatten green plaintain "bunan passe" (...

South Asia: Travelling while Asian

  25 August 2006

Pickled Politics on TWA (or Travelling While Asian) as an India bound flight was diverted to Amsterdam because of what appears to be racial profiling or paranoia.

India: Mudflap Art

  25 August 2006

Autorickshaws in the sub-continent not only carry passengers, but social messages and mudflap art. A fascinating flickr set of mudflap art.

India: BlogCamp 2006

  24 August 2006

BlogCamp 2006 is around the corner and Dina has a brief note on things as they are so far and what needs to be done.

India: Ganesha's Spirit

  24 August 2006

Festivals come by the fistfuls in India. One festival that involves the immersion of idols in water is the one to worship Ganesha. Metroblogging Bangalore has a wonderful photo-feature of a village that makes idols of Ganesha.

India: The Television's Off

  21 August 2006

The High Court's intervention has made Cable operators in Mumbai shut access to many channels. The issue? Indecent exposure on the Telly. India Uncut has more.

India: Dargah in Mahim

  21 August 2006

A photo post on the dargah in Mahim, Mumbai. A few days back some people reported that the sea water had turned sweet in Mahim, resulting in a wave of people drinking the water from the sea.

India: To buy a car

  17 August 2006

Rashmi Bansal explores the economic opportunity and possibility of increasing car sales in India for a particular brand.