· December, 2008

Stories about India from December, 2008

India: A Relationship Based On Fairness

  31 December 2008

Supriyo Chaudhuri at Sunday posts has this to say to the winners of the Bangladesh election: “The Bangladeshi politicians must understand their responsibility and display their accountability to keep the mandate. India too, must abandon its big brother stance and make real concessions to build a relationship based on fairness,...

India, Bangladesh: Explaining South Asian Politics

  30 December 2008

Santosh at Über Desi explains the results of the Bangladesh parliamentary election: “Sheikh Hasina’s Awami League party won because it was time for a change. The last elected government was formed by Khaleda Zia’s Bangladesh Nationalist Party. Yes, politics in South Asia can be explained in such simplistic terms.“

2008: A turbulent year for South Asia

  27 December 2008

Looking back on the events that rocked South Asia in the year 2008 we see that terrorism took the center stage in many places in this region. This was also a year of crucial and decisive elections in many South Asian countries. The Global Voices coverages of the blogospheres of...

Global Health: 2008 Blogs In Review

  27 December 2008

Bloggers in 2008 showed all the ways in which global health is interconnected with other issues, by covering health stories that touched on everything from poverty and women's rights to the environment and economics. They shared stories such as the prohibition of cannabis in Japan, how ads for children's food...

India: No War with Pakistan

  25 December 2008

The Acorn quotes the Prime Minister of India to confirm that there is no war ahead with Pakistan, at least initiated by India.

India: Improve Quality Of Governance To Tackle Terrorism

  24 December 2008

Nitin Pai guest blogs at Death Ends Fun stressing the need to improve the quality of governance of India to battle terrorism. And it can be achieved: “By voting. By giving money, legitimately, to politicians to support their election campaigns. And by holding them to account.”

India: Talking Terrorism

  23 December 2008

Kavita Chhibber, a freelance journalist, shares at Desicritics some of her interviews with notable international personalities on the Mumbai Terror attacks.

India: The voices of Bangalore

  23 December 2008

Bikerdude at Bengalooru Banter shares with us some of the entertaining voices and accents that can be heard in Bangalore.

India: Media to Self Censor

  18 December 2008

Über Desi comments on the news that a conglomeration of India’s leading news agencies agreed on a guideline to prevent media debacles in the future. The Indian TV media were much criticized for their role during the 60 hour Mumbai siege by terrorists.

India, Pakistan: Asking for ‘proof’ only to deny them

  17 December 2008

Diganta at Horizon Speaks posts videos broadcast in a Pakistan News Channel which show that the captured Mumbai Terrorist Kasav is from Pakistan. He comments: “They are asking for ‘proof’ only to deny them. The purpose of getting the proofs from Pakistan was only to remove them quickly.”

South Asia: Desi Podcast

  16 December 2008

Pass The Roti On The Left Hand Side introduces Radiostan, a monthly radio show for the Desis, also available as a podcast in many formats. Radiostan brings you the pulse of Desi culture; featuring interviews, performances, and discussions with the pundits, players, and politicos that influence the South Asian American...

Nepal: Rumors Surrounding The Captured Mumbai Terrorist

  16 December 2008

Rumors surrounding the background and identity of Ajmal Amir Kasab, the only terrorist involved in Mumbai attacks captured alive by authorities, is swirling around the internet. This time along with India and Pakistan, Nepal’s name has been dragged in.