· May, 2008

Stories about India from May, 2008

India: Homosexuality and the Law

  27 May 2008

Law and Other Things reflects on the litigation strategy in a case that could have an impact on the legal perspective of homosexuality in India.

India: On Mobocracy

  26 May 2008

Shashwati's Blog on mobocracy – where mobs hand out punishment in India.

Nepal: Chindia

  26 May 2008

The complications of being surrounded by India and China. More at Nepali Netbook.

India: Food and migration

  20 May 2008

An article on food and migration catches Vantage Point‘s eye and results in some fascinating insight.

India: Eating too much?

  19 May 2008

Condoleezza Rice's statements in the US about India and China's food consumption and its contribution to the price inflation doesn't find favour with Heartcrossings.

India: Going to the US

  16 May 2008

Heartcrossings on the huge range of opportunities available to the youth in India, and why going to the US is no longer a big dream.