· June, 2008

Stories about India from June, 2008

India: On Child Labour

  30 June 2008

The issue of child labour is complicated, and Pr3rna wonders if stopping the children from working actually makes the issue worse.

India: Right to Recall

  24 June 2008

Law and Other Things on voters in Chhattishgarh, India exercising their ‘right to recall’ elected representatives.

Bangladesh: On Gorkhaland

  23 June 2008

Unheard Voices from Bangladesh takes a closer look at the Gorkhaland issue in India, and focuses on the apparent Bengali racism.

India: Quitting

  20 June 2008

zigzackly survives a heart attack, and now details his plan to quit smoking.

India: On Homophobia

  19 June 2008

Remains of the Day from India lists various reasons for the prevalence of homophobia, both in the law and popular culture.

India: History Carnival

  16 June 2008

The sixth edition of the Indian History Carnival is up at Desipundit, a selction of posts on history in the Indian Blogosphere.

India: Bullying bloggers, stealing content, and threats!

  9 June 2008

As bloggers, we're a vulnerable lot. Regardless of anonymity, pseudonyms and the like, threats can still make us review how important a blog is. The case of Inji Pennu and Kerals.com is taking the blogosphere by storm. In what comes across as sheer bullying and intimidation, Kerals.com, a website that...

BlogCamp Delhi – Enlightening and entertaining!

  9 June 2008

24th May 2008 was sort of a remarkable day in the blogging circle in New Delhi and National Capital Region as Indian Blog and New Media Society, in collaboration with its local partners Delhi Blog and New Media Society, organised Delhi's first BlogCamp. Months of planning and organising didn't go...

India: Bullying a Blogger!

  4 June 2008

A website – Kerals.com decides to bully and abuse a blogger, when she protests against unfair use of her content on their website. More at Ginger and Mango.

India: Ending slavery

  3 June 2008

The Weight of Silence from India on an online global competition to identify innovative approaches to exposing, confronting and ending modern-day slavery.