· March, 2006

Stories about India from March, 2006

China: trans-Asian oil pipeline

  31 March 2006

Regarding an oil pipeline planned to link Russia and China, with a branch extending through Pakistan into India, the Our Silk Road blogger suggests the old Silk Road could very well be renamed the new Oil Road. “A lucrative idea with a great deal of wheeling and dealing left to...

India: Bangalore calls

  28 March 2006

Kamla travels around Bangalore and comments on the infrastructure, politics and issues that are crucial for Bangalore as it grows at breakneck speed.

The Magic of Food: A Global Edible Review

  26 March 2006

#1: From the UK, Blog Jam The traditional pickled pig's feet dish is one of our favorites. Of course you may have at least a dozen good excuses why you "think" you don't like them. Just forget for a moment where they come from, send to the back burner of...

India: The city of Djinns

  25 March 2006

Amardeep Singh on William Dalrymple's book on Delhi: City of Djinns, by far one of the most compelling narratives that weaves Delhi's history and present together.

India: Chennai blogs

25 March 2006

After Mumbai, Chennai (Madras) is the second Indian city to get it's own MetroBlog.

India: Polio

  23 March 2006

Balancing Life on polio in the subcontinent - “It remains a major problem in 9 countries. What’s common between them all? Extremely high populations living in relatively squalid conditions, in extreme poverty. And the sub-continent, especially India and Bangladesh, remain at the very heart of the disease.”

India: Forget the public school

  23 March 2006

A recent post on the Freakonomics blog on a 10 year old Indian boy writing in, sparks a post that talks of government schools being uniformly worse than private schools world over, regardless of the country.

Jamaica: Commonwealth Games

  22 March 2006

Leon wonders why the 18th Commonwealth Games aren't getting more media attention. “Is it because the mighty U.S is not involved, since the Commonwealth games only include former territories of Britain? (But wait, America is a former territory of Britain!).”

India: An artist and her art

  22 March 2006

The Middle Stage on the art, life and times of Amrita Sher-Gil. “Half-Indian and half-Hungarian, of aristocratic lineage, she was born in Budapest and brought up in the Hungarian capital and in Shimla. She studied art in Paris in the wake of high modernism”

India: Arranged Marriage of another kind

21 March 2006

Just a little something, on a new service called MarryGold, which says – “‘Marrygold’ intends to help professionals above 25years of age, who do not have much time to focus on finding partners for marriage.”

India: Infrastructure Blues

  20 March 2006

Even as India's presence on the IT map gets stronger, Bangalore's infrastructure gets worse. Scenes from the street from India's IT capital.

India: Sexual harassment

  17 March 2006

The Commonwealth Games begins with the news of a person on the Indian contingent being held for sexually harassing a woman. More at Blogpourri.

Commonwealth Games

  15 March 2006

Regan liveblogs the Opening Ceremony of the Commonwealth Games, which took place last night in Melbourne, Australia.