· November, 2010

Stories about India from November, 2010

South Asia: The Morality Of Exposing Others’ Secrets

  29 November 2010

WikiLeaks, an international non-profit media organization has created waves around the world by publishing 251,287 confidential documents, which detail correspondence between the U.S. State Department and U.S. embassies around the world. Some South Asian bloggers were quick to publish their opinions on this issue.

India: Mumbai Moving Forward

  26 November 2010

“There is a form of kinetic energy that’s contagious in Mumbai. As if, someone has set the people of Mumbai free – and they are moving forward,” notices Zain Mahmood while visiting the city.

India: Fuzzy Memories

  26 November 2010

Dilip D'Souza at Kafila asks why are Indians obsessed with only remembering the act of terrorism on 26/11/08 and why not also 1/11/84 or 7/12/92?

South Asia: Steep Bandwidth Price

  21 November 2010

The cost of Internet bandwidth has to be reduced across Asia, which remains more than 300% expensive than the western hemisphere, argues Abu Saeed Khan at LIRNE Asia.

India: Credibility Of Media Under Question

  21 November 2010

Reports have emerged revealing that “some of Indian journalism’s biggest names may have crossed the line between legitimate news gathering to lobbying with political parties on behalf of corporate houses”, informs Sans Serif.

India: Is Forwarding Emails A Crime?

  21 November 2010

A government employee from the Indian state of Kerala got arrested for forwarding an email joke to a few friends, which is about the election debacle of the ruling communist party. Netizens feel that this is an attempt by politicians to stop criticisms against them.

Pamela Fever Grips India

  18 November 2010

Hollywood actress and model Pamela Anderson is creating ripples in India as she arrived in Mumbai a few days ago to take part in a TV reality show. Netizens reflect on what the Indians think of Pamela.

India: What Is Beauty

  18 November 2010

“Beauty is what you have within, in your heart and in your soul, beauty is how you look and behave towards other fellow humans, how you respect the other, how much love and care in your heart to give to the one who needs it,” comments Debolina Raja Gupta.

India: Typical Indian Character

  13 November 2010

Ram Bansal at India In Peril criticizes the ‘know-all’ syndrome of the average Indians and the practice of advising others without concentrating on his/her own works.

India: A Social Bussiness Plan Competition

  12 November 2010

Think Change India blog informs that Banaras Hindu University is launching a business plan competition to encourage young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world. You can learn about it here.

India: Obama Mania

  7 November 2010

US President Barack Obama is in India now as part of his ten day Asia tour and he has generated a lot of interest in this country of 1.2 billion people. The Indian media got hyped up covering every bit of Obama's action in India and the netizens are also vocal about it.