· July, 2007

Stories about India from July, 2007

India: Blogging Protest

  31 July 2007

A blog Weeping Sikkim chronicles two people going on a hunger fast (currently Day 41) in the state of Sikkim to protest a particular hydro electric project.

India: Holy Bull and Tuberculosis

  31 July 2007

Pickled Politics has a message from a mailing list, on the recent controversy in the UK, when a bull belonging to a Hindu temple was put down after being diagnosed with tuberculosis.

India: Deras In Punjab

  27 July 2007

Known Turf goes to Punjab, and takes a look at the “deras” – which were at the heart of a controversy recently.

India: Gandhi, My Father

  25 July 2007

IndieQuill on a film – Gandhi, My Father that explores the story and circumstances of one of Gandhi's sons.

India: Terrorism, media and bias

  24 July 2007

Greatbong, in a post titled “Miscarriages of Justice” on treatment of the Haneef case by the Australian government and the Indian media.

India: In Japan

  19 July 2007

Miles To Go… on being in Japan, and reflecting on traffic, clothes, culture and more.

India: Thank you, come again.

  17 July 2007

A stunt pulled by Seven Eleven stores in the US stirs controversy as it relies on the character of Apu (of The Simpsons fame), provoking Greatbong to comment on whether or not the use of the character is racist or offensive.