· September, 2010

Stories about India from September, 2010

India: Banning Non P2P SMS

  25 September 2010

Rajesh Jain at Emergic criticizes the ban on all bulk SMS and MMS in India to prevent mass mobilization of people before and after the Ayodhya verdict.

India: An Inspiring Train Journey

  21 September 2010

“Tata Jagriti Yatra is an annual train journey that that takes 400 of India’s highly motivated youth (with some participation of international students) on an 18-day national train-journey, introducing them to unsung heroes of India,” informs Think Change India blog.

India: The Greed For A Baby Boy

  20 September 2010

AmreekanDesi shares a bizarre news where a mother's claim on a baby boy born within a few minutes of the delivery of her baby girl was turned down after DNA test. This shows the desire for male child by many Indian mothers.

India: Wither Kashmir? Or Is Reconciliation Possible?

  20 September 2010

The Indian central government has sent a fact-finding delegation including lawmakers from all major political parties to mitigate the bloodshed and tensions in the Jammu and Kashmir region. The Indian blogosphere has finally woken up on this issue and bloggers are sharing messages of hope, reconciliation, integrity and peace.

India: Joy Of Giving

  17 September 2010

A nationwide nation-wide Joy of Giving Week will be held in India from September 27 to October 3, 2010. Ugich Konitari describes the joy of giving citing a real life example.

India: On Kashir And ‘Freedom’

  16 September 2010

Greatbong at Random Thoughts Of A Demented Mind opines that “what is going on in Kashmir is hardly an independence struggle, but more an expression of aggressive Islamic (mostly Sunni) revivalism.”

India: The Silver Tsunami

  14 September 2010

“Unlike in the rich world geriatric care in India is virtually non-existent,” informs Proloy Bagchi. The blogger fears that India awaits a tsunami of old people and they will be in a lot of problems.

I Paid A Bribe: An Endeavor in India

  14 September 2010

“Bribed? Didn't bribe? Powerless? Victimised? Angry?" I Paid a Bribe is encouraging citizens in India to tell their stories of bribery and corruption and is using these stories to identify the most corrupt departments and processes in the country.

India: Kashmir Is Burning…Again

  13 September 2010

Violent protests in Indian administered Kashmir started today after a report of a Qur'an desecration in Michigan, USA emerged. At least 18 protesters have been killed and scores were injured. Bloggers and Twitter users discuss whether the protests were purely because of anger over the burning of Qur'an or outbursts of their demand for freedom from India.