· May, 2012

Stories about India from May, 2012

India: Kolkata Joins the SlutWalk Movement

  29 May 2012

on 24th May, 2012, Kolkata formally joined the global SlutWalk movement, with over a hundred young men and women marching for the cause in the sweltering heat of summer. On the web, netizens bring the event alive through discussions, photos and videos.

India: Cricket Or Wife

  15 May 2012

Jaspreet discusses how some Indian men have to balance between their love for cricket and obviously for their wife.

India: Freedom Fast To Save Your Voice

  6 May 2012

Today is the fifth day of the hunger strike of Aseem Trivedi and Alok Dixit from Save Your Voice campaign to support an annulment motion against the new IT Rules-2011 in the Indian Rajya Sabha. They vowed to carry on until they get any satisfactory response from the government and the opposition.

India: The Best Tea Cafés

  6 May 2012

There is a new hype in India – the rise of tea cafés (tea lounges or tea bars). Charukeshi lists some of the best tea cafés in different Indian cities which you can explore.

India: Budget & Corruption

  6 May 2012

Ramanujapuram analyzes the Union Budget (annual budget of the Republic of India), and opines that the tax payers are paying interest for the scams and corruption of some of the members of the ruling coalition.

India: Google Search's Change in Algorithm and Its Impact

  5 May 2012

Google’s recent algorithm change in their search engine affected low quality Search engine optimization/link building services, much of which was being outsourced by the US to countries like India. While some are predicting an impact on outsourcing jobs in India, experts say that this will clean webspam and improve the field of online advertising.

India: Photo Essay On Working Mothers

  3 May 2012

Pattabi Raman’s photo essay on working mothers in parts of rural India is up at the International Museum for women. The photo essay highlights issues that are specific to women in parts of rural India, such as the threat of displacement due to industrialization.