· May, 2010

Stories about India from May, 2010

India: The Legend of Goopy And Bagha

  26 May 2010

Greatbong at Random Thoughts Of A Demented Mind pays tribute to Tapen Chattopadhyay, “the Bengali actor famous for playing the role of Goopy Gyne in Satyajit Ray’s Goopy-Bagha trilogy for children”.

India: River Bath Festivals

  24 May 2010

Ram Banshal at India in Peril writes about the Indian tradition of river bath festivals and the high risk of exposing to viral infections via polluted river water.

India: Outrage At Mangalore Plane Crash

  22 May 2010

An Air-India Express plane arriving from Dubai has crashed in Mangalore Bajpe airport in south India, killing most of the 166 people on board. It is the first major crash in India for some years, but many bloggers and Twitter users are not surprised at the news.

India: Outsourcing The Womb

  22 May 2010

AmreekanDesi says that India has taken outsourcing to a new level. The country is now outsourcing the womb to produce little babies for the childless parents across the world.

India: Manipur In Peril

  21 May 2010

“The entire north east is in the grip of an unprecedented wave of Christianization with the help of foreign money,” comments Tarun Vijay, while discussing the problems in the Indian state of Manipur.

India: Twitter Fan Frenzy

  18 May 2010

Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar recently created a fan frenzy by joining Twitter. “Within the first 24 hours, he got almost 80,000 followers,” reports Gauravonomics. Sachin has more than 300,000 fans now.

Bangladesh: The Zamindars

  16 May 2010

Bangladesh Unlocked shares the history of the Zamindars in the Indian Sub-continent, who were officials employed by the Mughals and the British colonial rulers to collect taxes from peasants.

India: What Motivates Begging?

  7 May 2010

“What all the government does to please the poor people is to launch welfare schemes in the name of benefiting the poor. But the fact remains that all such schemes are aimed at opening more channels of corruption favoring the rich,” comments Ram Bansal at India In Peril while discussing...

India: Much Ado About Covering Up

  4 May 2010

“Women and their creative desires are collateral damage in a war to control visual pleasure. Its all about what is pleasing to the male eye,” comments Outlandish Musings from Mumbai, India.

Technology for Transparency: The South Asian Story

  3 May 2010

Democracy is still relatively young in South Asia, and not always stable. While politicians in the region are eager to integrate technology into their policy platforms, they are less enthusiastic about its use by activists who want more transparency and accountable governments.