· November, 2007

Stories about Education from November, 2007

China: Taxing Post-graduate Student

  29 November 2007

Pbzhai writes a story he heard from his university [zh]. A post-graduate student wrote to the Nanjing city mayor and asked why the post-graduate students had to be taxed even if they got only RMB200 (US$26) per month subsidy? In a recent party meeting, teachers were asked to teach their...

Armenia: Renovated Toilets

  28 November 2007

Kyle's Journey in Armenia updates its readers on a current Peace Corps project to renovate the bathroom and sewer system in a local school. With substandard facilities at present, the Peace Corps Volunteer (PCV) hopes that the renovation will be complete by April.

Armenia: Labor Dynamics

  27 November 2007

Social Science in the Caucasus comments on a World Bank report on labor dynamics in Armenia. The blog of the Caucasus Resource Research Center says that its findings revealing that up to a third of Armenian youth neither work nor study are in line with its own.

Haiti: Progress against HIV

  26 November 2007

As World AIDS Day approaches, Haiti Innovation assesses Haiti's progress in the fight against the disease: “I hope that by this time next year, I can write that we've all become leaders in prevention.”

Korea: The Entrance Examination for Colleges

  26 November 2007

The entrance examination for colleges finished last week. Every year it comes along with several events and stories. A story that is never omitted is a tragedy where examinees give up their lives due to the result of the examination. The story always generates opinions and complaints about the current...

China: New York Charging Bull hits public

  25 November 2007

Critiques on Chinese tourists’ vulgar behaviors and ignorance of public rules on foreign land have been all-too-familiar. But this time, the Charging Bull sculpture in Wall-street aroused netizens’ different voices.

Bahrain: Losing its identity?

  23 November 2007

This week in Bahrain we have opinions on Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's visit, a blogger's dilemma about whether to have a female friend, another getting stuck between his wife-to-be and her family, a call for more Islamic bloggers, and a fear that Bahrain won't stay Bahraini for much longer...

China: Golf Culture in University

  23 November 2007

Xueyong criticizes the golf culture in China university (zh). The blogger notices that for other countries, students enjoy sports that stresses physical competition, such as footballs and basketball, while golf is a showing off of class status.

Japan: The Bully and the Bullied

  20 November 2007

The phenomenon of bullying in schools is a recurring theme in Japan. A government survey released last week, which found that that the number of cases of bullying has increased sixfold over the result of the year before, has driven up anxiety about the problem yet again. In this post, some of the thoughts of Japanese bloggers, a translated message from a victim, and the experience of one counselor in confronting the problem.

Puerto Rico: Mystical Powers

  20 November 2007

The Governor of Puerto Rico may be facing indictment – leaving Dondequiera incredulous over his statement that “Puerto Ricans have mystical powers, which include seeing into the future and knowing when some injustice has been committed…I can only guess that the price for being elected is that you lose your...

Peru: Education Among the Shawi Indians

  19 November 2007

Nila Vigil of Instituto Linguístico de Invierno [es] writes about her experiences during a recent trip in the area of the River Paranapura in the Peruvian Amazon, where she found low education levels among the indigenous populations because bilingual education is not in use and racism among the population.