· June, 2014

Stories about Education from June, 2014

The Driver Is Not to Blame, It's the Pedestrian!?

  27 June 2014

Osiris Jasso, a Global Voices contributor, reports on his personal Tumblr blog about traffic and common sense violations in his neighborhood in San Luis Potosí's historic downtown in Mexico. After an accident due to misuse of sidewalks by unscrupulous drivers, Osiris claims: Exigimos a las autoridades que liberen las banquetas...

The Problem of Bullying in Cuba

  24 June 2014

Abuse at school is an issue that is rarely discussed in the national media, but it affects hundreds, even thousands, of students across the country. Generacion Y blogs about bullying in Cuba.

‘When I Educate You, You Reeducate Me’

  16 June 2014

Teacher Luis María Llena talks about about his years of experience in education and how the contact with his students has helped him with his professional and personal growth. He invites the readers to reflect on the importance of sharing knowledge to reinforce them: Mis alumnos de estos 25 años me...

What About Bermuda's Unsung Heroes?

  12 June 2014

Bermuda marks National Heroes Day on June 16, but in the absence of an honoree for this year's celebration, bloggers discuss how the observance of the holiday could be improved.

Jamaica: Girls In Science

  6 June 2014

Cucumber Juice explains why it's important for her to raise money to upgrade her old high school's science lab – because it's the place where she learned to be confident, because real learning is interconnected, and because “girls need to know that we can be scientists too.”

The Importance of Maths in Education

  4 June 2014

Carlos Thompson from The Chlewey Blog writes [es] about the importance of teaching Maths in Colombia in relation to the poor performance the country had in international tests of quality of education [es]: Las matemáticas dan mucho más que la capacidad de contar las vueltas en una tienda; o las...

Responsibility or Creativity?

  2 June 2014

Ryu reflects [es] on Intereses de un Caballero Dragón [Interests of a Dragon Gentleman] whether priorizing responsibility or creativity in children's education: Los padres podrán cargar de algunas o muchas responsabilidades a sus hijos para que permanezcan con los pies sobre la tierra pero eso no garantiza que éstos últimos...

Learning with Your Child

  2 June 2014

Zahir Aileen writes [es] on Las netas de Mamá [Mom's babies] how are children currently learning: el problema no es lo que ven, escuchan, o viven tal cual, sino que no estén acompañados o que no haya una persona que seleccione correctamente lo que es prudente conocer a cada edad...

Reconsidering Educational Tasks

  1 June 2014

School teacher Marcela Gómez writes [es] on her blog Las notas de clase de Marcela Gómez [Classnotes by Marcela Gómez] about the challenge of motivating her students to learn more and reconsidering educational tasks: Ahora, se ha entendido que la educación depende tanto de la persona que llega a motivar...