· August, 2006

Stories about Education from August, 2006

Nigeria: The Long Grass

  31 August 2006

For anyone that passed through the boarding school system, Nkem Ifejika’s story, bizarre as it sounds, is not in any way strange. What may, however, seem strange is that anyone could be convicted for violating immigration rules and sentenced to gardening. Yet life at Nkem’s school might have been much...

Bermuda: Education & sustainable development

  30 August 2006

Christian S. Dunleavy congratulates an old schoolfriend on his decision to repay the scholarship funds granted him a decade ago; and questions the Bermuda government's decision to pave over a piece of parkland to create a location for a hospital.

China: Peking University

  29 August 2006

Joel Martinsen from DAWEI reports that “Peking University,” which has endured since 1912, will eventually give way to “University of Beijing.” The school official claims that it is to make the university more grammatical correct.

Russia, Ukraine: News Roundup

  28 August 2006

Yuri Mamchur of Russia Blog summarizes the news: cathedral on fire; good citizen enriches himself by not robbing the state; Ukraine's former prime minister sentenced for money laundering in the United States; kids sexually abused at a Black Sea summer camp.

South Korea: more on English teachers

  28 August 2006

Robert Koehler in Marmot's Hole translates some local news accusing the misbehaviour of English teachers in South Korea: Affairs with High School Students, Spreading Nude Photos on the Internet. GI Korea blog also has some comments on the English teachers “scandal”.

South Korea: Korean teachers’ union's proposed black list

  24 August 2006

Michael Hurt at Scribblings of the Metropolitician criticizes the Korean Teachers’ Union's proposal of black listing malpractice foreign English teachers. “If foreigners were to start a master ‘blacklist’ of Korean schools and orgs that have cheated or abused foreigners, it would literally have to be a 100-pyeong office space…“ Robert...

Cambodia: Internet Experience Workshop

  21 August 2006

Cambodian cyberkid DeeDee attends an Internet Experience Sharing Workshop and blogs about it. DeeDee is a school student who represents the younger Cambodians who are exploiting the internet for infomation and learning.

China: parents camping at Tsinghua

  20 August 2006

Mindmeter puts together some photos and reports from BBS and newspapers on the Tsinghua University campus, showing how parents of undergraduate students stay overnight at the campus without any shelter at registration days(zh).

South Korea: English teacher

  20 August 2006

Robert Koehler in Marmot's hole summarizes the problem of English teachers hiring practice in South Korea: “According to Seoul immigration officials, about 240 unqualified foreign teachers were busted in Seoul alone last year. This year, some 20~30 teachers are busted a month. Even more concerning, there are even cases of...

Cambodia: New Story Tellers on the Internet

  20 August 2006

According to a research report released recently by Pew Internet, most webloggers don't consider themselves doing journalism. In most cases they are not up to what a journalist does. In Cambodian blogosphere, there exists a series of interviews done by digital citizens playing the role of citizen's media. Chan Bopha,...

South Korea: Liberty in North Korea

  18 August 2006

Andy Jackson in Marmot's Hole introduce a NGO, an unofficial Liberty in North Korea – LiNK. The organization is concerned with education on North Korean human rights and outreach to North Korean defectors.

Argentina: Courses in Digital Journalism

  17 August 2006

Wanting to gain some experience as a digital journalist? Spanish speakers might be interested in Clarín reporter Julio Orione's upcoming course in digital journalism, accredited by the Argentine University of Belgrano (UB). The course will be taught online with several guest professors/reporters covering specialized themes. On a related note, Dialógica...

China: unemployment

  17 August 2006

One Man Bandwidth gives us some data on how Chinese university students evaluate their college experience and future.