· February, 2007

Stories about Education from February, 2007

Arabisc: A Pictorial Tour of North Africa

  28 February 2007

There is one word to describe this picture taken by American blogger Cory Driver, who is based in Morocco, and it is wow! Not being a photography critic, however, I am reserving my exclamation for the amazing work Driver is involved with in Moroccan villages, including that of Tattiwin, located...

China: Government study tours questioned

  27 February 2007

Somewhat related to this recent post, Sichuan province Writer's Association member and Strong China blogger Li Hongzhi looks at a recent decision from the organizational department of the provincial Communist Party which limits government leaders’ training trips abroad. Chinese teachers go abroad to experience and learn, as do liberal intellectuals...

Kyrgyzstan: Paying for Grades

  26 February 2007

Tolkun Umaraliev explains the situations in which Kyrgyz students pay bribes to receive good grades. He says that it is horrible to think about what this widespread practice means for the future of Kyrgyzstan.

Lebanon: Academia, Agriculture and Construction

  26 February 2007

Let us begin this week’s roundup of the Lebanese blogosphere with non–political posts. Let us start from a post about two Lebanese salads that are used as appetizers during meals: Skylark shows us (Fr) how to prepare Fattush and Tabboule, which are two delicious Lebanese salads that are usually found...

Lebanon's War, Again

  26 February 2007

How will the Lebanese get over their past if they don't discuss it, says Syrian blogger Abu Kareem. “Many if not most Lebanese children get their education in non-secular schools that teach different versions of the history of Lebanon. All schools, however, seem to agree on one thing; when it...

Saudi Arabia: Book Fair

  26 February 2007

Saudi Jeans reports about a bookfair in his country's capital Riyadh next month. “There will not be any days for families only. The book fair will be open to everybody, men and women, except for the evening period of three days which will be only open to men. I have...

Bahrain: Workshop on Press Freedoms

  26 February 2007

The Bahrain Youth Society for Human Rights will be conducting a training workshop about Press Freedoms, the law and how it views freedoms of expression, practical demonstrations and tutorials on blogging and how to circumvent blocks to reach the content you require from March 1 to 5, announces blogger Mahmood...

Iran:”UK universities and Islamic Republic propaganda

  25 February 2007

Azarmehr says that Islamic Republic uses British universities as a propaganda platform.He talks about his experience in SOAS :A request was made by an Iranian student at SOAS for a “symposium” about Iranian cinema. Later on an organisation named “Council for the Promotion of Persian Language and Literature” took over...

Haiti: Goodbye, Tiga

  23 February 2007

Alice Backer remembers the late Haitian painter, sculptor and educator Jean-Claude Garoute, also known as Tiga.

Jamaica: Henry Fowler

  22 February 2007

Kia pays tribute to the recently deceased Henry Fowler, founder of Jamaica's exclusive Priory School, “an old-school Jamaican of colonial days, the sort of person that it is now fashionable to blame for all our ills.”

Hong Kong: teaching Chinese writing course in English

  21 February 2007

Hegelchong complains about the universities’ language policy in Hong Kong. High ranking university officials have made the decision that from next term onward, all courses should be taught in English, no matter whether it is about Hong Kong society or Chinese modern history. Well, he is teaching a group of...

Ukraine: Languages and Cars

  19 February 2007

Pass The Paska! talks to Ukrainian schoolkids about languages spoken in Canada (not Canadian and American, but English and French), and about the cars they (Canadians, not the blogger) have in Canada.

Latvia: The Roma Community

  19 February 2007

Marginalia writes about the Latvian Roma – some of whom are his neighbors: “they’ve been taking advantage of things like free computer courses and small business loans, and they’re thrilled. They are active in one of the NGOs. The sad fact is that despite their abilities (including knowing Latvian better...