· July, 2009

Stories about Education from July, 2009

Caribbean: On Henry Gates Jr.

  27 July 2009

Caribbean bloggers are still abuzz about the Henry Gates arrest: Jamaican diaspora blogger Pamela Mordecai, 21 Square and Catch a fire from Bermuda and Weblog Bahamas.

Jamaica, U.S.A.: Fatherly Advice

  24 July 2009

Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp considers the circumstances surrounding the arrest of Harvard scholar Henry Louis Gates Jr. from a father's perspective: “I want my son to be a man who has enough self confidence to think that he can overcome any obstacle and that he will not permit any kind...

Bangladesh: The Aged Student Leaders

  20 July 2009

Half of the newly appointed leaders of the student wing of the political party BNP of Bangladesh are in their mid 40s and the remaining are in their late 30s. Syed ABM Ashrafuzzaman questions: “how old should a student leader be? “.

Dominica: Investing in Women

  16 July 2009

Dominica Weekly says that the island's “muted” celebration of World Population Day was an opportunity lost “to start to create meaningful change in the lives of our women”, but adds: “It’s never be too late to create a positive movement…”

Ghana: Hope and candour float in Ghana following Obama's visit

  15 July 2009

In anticipation of the coming of US president Barack Obama to Ghana from 10-11th July, the ghanablogging.com community—established in 2008 to promote the work of Ghanaian bloggersand bloggers writing about Ghana—set a theme entitled “Obama’s visit: A View from Ghana”. Below are some of the highlights of the blog entries.

Malaysia: No to English in Science & Mathematics

  14 July 2009

No more English in science and mathematics by 2012 in Malaysia. That is the long overdue decision from the Ministry of Education on the policy of teaching science and mathematics in English. The government refuted the claim of political influence in the decision-making process.

Fiji: Journalism schools’ standards questioned

  10 July 2009

A second journalism school has opened in Fiji, this one at the Fiji Institute of Technology. But given “the climate of censorship and media paranoia in post-putsch Fiji,” media educator David Robie in his Café Pacific blog argues the standards of these new programs should face heavy scrutiny.

Sri Lanka: Facebook Banned In A Girl's School

  10 July 2009

Anandawardhana at Web Alochana informs that Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya, one of the leading girl's schools in Colombo, has asked its students to “deactivate their accounts” and warned that “those who still maintain accounts on Facebook will be expelled from school.”