· January, 2007

Stories about Education from January, 2007

Botswana: Zebras4Life–Test4Life

  31 January 2007

Bots Blog.com writes about anti-Aids campaign in Botswana using soccer to attract men, Zebras4Life–Test4Life, “The Zebras4Life–Test4Life project was offically launched at a press conference at the national stadium on Monday, 22 January. The U.S. Ambassador, several footballers, the Minister of Labor and Home Affairs, Peace Corps Volunteers and other partners...

Arabisc: Egyptian Bloggers Tie the Knot

  29 January 2007

Like in Egyptian movies, there is a thin line between imagination and reality in Egypt, where two politically active bloggers get close to each other at an anti-government rally, then fall in love and finally get married. Blogger Albara Ashraf reports this happy story, without failing to conjure some of...

South Korea: suicide

  29 January 2007

Michael Hurt at Scribblings of the Metropolitician blogs about how the South Korean society, especially schools, deal with suicide: many schools actively ban any talk of the student's actions at atl, as if it's a big secret that no one knows about.

Thailand: Thai Style Ministry of Culture in the US

  27 January 2007

Chani, a Thailand native living in the US, writes about the new Thai governement's campaign aimed at youngsters to improve their morals. The blogger asks if a similar effort would work in the US.”Do you believe that controlling some of that behavior in the schools here would be effective? Plenty...

Latin America: Professor Blog Directory

24 January 2007

Blogfesores [ES] is a Spanish-langage directory of weblogs authored by professors. The directory is categorized by topics such as Adult Education, Classics, and Mathematics.

Malaysia: Foreign Students

  24 January 2007

Rajan counters fellow Malaysian blogger Rauff's comments against foreign students. Rauff suggests that foreign students increase social problems and local kids would learn from them. Rajan says foreign students “add to the diversity of a university in a meaningful way“.

Nigeria: Nigerians abroad do not need to go home!

  23 January 2007

Omodudu does not think that Nigerians living abroad need to go back home,”Often we hear Nigerians living abroad declare, “I am going home”. I have news for all of you, Nigeria is not in dire need of your presence, actually you may be adding to the problem of overcrowding on...

Africa: African Journals Online

  23 January 2007

My Africa Today writes about African Journals Online, “African Journals OnLine (AJOL) is a service to provide access to African published research, and increase worldwide knowledge of indigenous scholarship.”

The Global Voices Show #4

  22 January 2007

Finally — the fourth episode of The Global Voices Show has landed! In this edition we feature excerpts from the following podcasts: - The IndiCast (India) – also see Global Voices article “The Blogospheres on Big Brother, Shilpa Shetty, Bullying and Racism“ – Pambazuka News (Zimbabwe) – Palabras Libres (Bolivia)...

Cambodia: Involve People in ASEAN

  22 January 2007

Vireak in Cambodia argues that for the regional group ASEAN(Association of South East Asian Nations) to succeed, it needs more involvement of the people living in the region rather than the politicians. “Politically, we’re divided but our people have generally been getting along well. Why not using the people power...

South Korea: more on textbook

  21 January 2007

Jacky's post about Chinese BBS's discussion of Korean textbook has some follow up discussion at Marmot's Hole by R. Elgin. There is a long comment thread with some more background about the issue.

Puerto Rico: Learning English

  19 January 2007

Studies show that although English is a compulsory subject in Puerto Rican schools from elementary level upwards, only 20% of the country's population has a mastery of the language. Eugenio Martínez Rodríguez thinks he knows why.

Trinidad & Tobago: School porn ring and cell phone cameras

  19 January 2007

Keith Francis on the recent discovery of a school porn ring in Trinidad involving videos recorded on cell phone cameras: “The fact is that despite our wilful efforts to ignore the fact, children have been screwing children – indeed adults both male and female have been screwing children – from...

China and South Korea: textbook

  19 January 2007

Jacky finds some discussions at Chinese BBS forum concerning South Korean textbook. Chinese's netizens were outraging about the distortion in the territorial map. However, are those books really Korean textbook?

China: equality in education

  19 January 2007

Xue yong quotes from a recent research to show the inequality in education: “researcher analyszed the examination result of year 2003 student from a high school in Beijing and discovered that lower class family's entrance examin result is higher than upper class. The average marks from high to low are:...

Serbia: Kosovo to Russia for 1 Euro

  18 January 2007

Wu Wei reports: “The Students Independent Association of the Judicial Faculty of Belgrade has begun an initiative for Serbia to give Kosovo to Russia for the price of one Euro for 99 years. As compensation, Russia is obliged to assure peace and stability in Kosovo, security for the remaining Serbs...

Laos: Learning Laotian

  17 January 2007

Timorsunshine, an active bloggers from East Timor is currently in Lao and she is trying to learn Laotian. The blogger talks about the similarities in sounds between Laotian and some Chinese dialects.

Singapore: Web Standards Meetup

  17 January 2007

Several Singapore bloggers attended the Web Standards Meetup organised by Singapore Web Standards Group. The Rambling Librarian attends the event as a newcomer to web standards and blogs about what he learnt.