· February, 2006

Stories about Education from February, 2006

The week in Kenyan Blogs

  27 February 2006

Image courtesy of White African This week has Kenyan bloggers writing about very diverse topics, let us start with sports White African reminisces about rugby in Kenyan High schools , generating about 20 comments, that is how passionate Kenyan's can be about rugby. Kenya Cricket has an excellent play by...

Pulse of the Saudi Blogosphere

  25 February 2006

Many different and interesting topics were discussed in the Saudi blogosphere this week, so let's start our roundup right away. What is the difference between democracy and American democracy? Hassan thinks he has the answer (Arabic). “In democracy, those who gain more votes should win. In American democracy, those who...

Arabic Blogs Dreams

  22 February 2006

The following is an abbreviated translation from some of the Arabic-language blogsphere. Some disappointment in blogging and Arab blogsphere is floating around. Here, Tarik Abu Ziad from Jordan writes; Running from forums to fall under the overpower of blog aggregators: كان أحد أهم الأسباب – بالنسبة لي على الأقل –...

Iran: Bloggers back Fired Professor

  16 February 2006

According to Rooznamenegar No (New Reporter) many bloggers back popular communication professor, Mr.NamakDoost, who was fired recently (Persian). It seems Saturday there will be a demonstration to back him. During recent months more university professors and responsibles have been fired without clear reason.

Nigeria: University problems

  16 February 2006

Chippla addresses some of the problems facing universities in Nigeria as the government impose a ban on the appointment of university faculty who do not have doctorate degrees.

Puerto Rico: Education ills

  15 February 2006

Gil the Jenius compares the Puerto Rican Department of Education's announcement that they're laying off of 5,000 personnel to “a patient with cancer-riddled internal organs being told he's about to have his appendix removed,” and offers his own diagnosis of the problems plaguing the Department.

St. Lucia: Tech Institute visit

  14 February 2006

Matthew Hunte vists the Vieux Fort Technical Institute in southern St. Lucia, “in an attempt to understand a bit more about that nature of this unique school and to truly find out where their students are coming from”.