· September, 2006

Stories about Ecuador from September, 2006

Ecuador: Undecided

  27 September 2006

Less than three weeks from elections, Ecuador remains undecided says Boz. There is also an interesting comment on last night's debate between Correa, Roldos, and Viteri.

Translating Claroline into Quechua, Aymara, and Guaraní

  19 September 2006

Editor's Note: It has already been mentioned several times on Global Voices that the world's first Quechua, Guaraní, or Aymara native speaker to blog has yet to arrive. There are several obvious reasons including lack of broadband penetration into the Andes, high cost of internet access, and the absence of...

Ecuador: Campaign Comparison

  15 September 2006

Christian Espinosa has put together a useful comparison of the presidential candidates’ websites, profiles, and platforms (ES).

Ecuador Chooses

  11 September 2006

It has been a year of controversial and closely-contested elections throughout Latin America. As electoral observers take a restful sigh following the delayed conclusion of Felipe Calderón's controversial victory in Mexico, it is already time to look ahead to Brazil, Venezuela, Nicaragua, and Ecuador; all set to head to the...

Latin America: Poll Numbers

  8 September 2006

It's Friday … time to leave the office at 3 and time for Boz's weekly poll numbers. Here's a good look ahead at upcoming elections in Brazil, Ecuador, Venezuela, and Nicaragua.

Spain, Ecuador: World Cup of Basketball

  4 September 2006

Juan Luis describes this year's World Cup of basketball, won by Spain, as the most exciting sporting event he had seen in quite a while (ES). Ecuadorean blogger Christian Espinosa would seem to agree (ES).