· January, 2009

Stories about Ecuador from January, 2009

Ecuador: Biology Student Abroad

  22 January 2009

The blog Estudiantes Fuera del Ecuador [es] is devoted to topics related to Ecuadorian students abroad. It returns after a six-month hiatus with an interview with Edu, a Ph.D biology student in Spain.

Ecuador: The Growth of the Blogosphere

  19 January 2009

Mi Diario Relativo [es] reflects on the growth of the Ecuadorian blogosphere over the past two years and sees that the number of blogs registered on Blogalaxia has grown by 400% during that time.

Ecuador: Correa Faces Pressure From Indigenous Groups

  19 January 2009

In Ecuador, President Rafael Correa is facing pressure from indigenous groups over his government's support of a new mining law. The coalition led by the National Confederation of Indigenous Nations (CONAIE) say that there was very little discussion and that it would violate the communities' sovereignty, as well as cause environmental contamination. Correa must decide how to face these mobilizations from groups that historically have been strong backers of his government.

Ecuador: The Women's Network of Loja

  13 January 2009

Voces Lojanas [es] describes the work of the Women's Network of Loja, which has been working for the past ten years with housewives to teach them skills, as well as how to manage their own economic resources.