· October, 2010

Stories about Ecuador from October, 2010

Americas: Virtual Memorial for 72 Victims of Migrant Mass-Killing

  31 October 2010

Over the last two months, renowned journalist Alma Guillermoprieto has led an online project in response to the mass killing of seventy-two migrants that took place in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas in August 2010. 72migrantes.com is a virtual memorial for the slayed migrants.

Ecuador: Seeking Those Responsible for September 30 Uprising

  27 October 2010

After almost one month since the September 30 police strike, things in Ecuador have calmed down; but investigations to determine who is responsible for the uprising have continued, and Ecuadorians are still divided over how to define what happened that day.

Ecuador: The Indelible Images of September 30

  4 October 2010

In Diario de una post feminista [es] (Journal of a post-Feminist) user PrincesaQuil from Guayaquil writes about the police strike on September 30 and says, “…we cannot erase the images that we all saw of police with covered faces intimidating the population, armed and pointing their guns at civilians, riding...

Ecuador: Accusations and Evaluation After Police Uprising

  2 October 2010

Evaluation and mixed views have emerged after the police uprising in Ecuador, transmitted instantly through social networks. Was there a coup in the country? The blogosphere analyzes the censorship, the imposed national broadcast, the mutual accusations and the answer to the question, "What happens now?" in a shocked and moved Ecuador.

Ecuador: The Police Crisis Via Twitter

  1 October 2010

Through the Twitter account @ElCiudadano_ec, the government of President Correa has been informing about the latest developments of a crisis created by a police strike. Although the government ordered [es] private media to link to official media, on Twitter some are still informing, like Ecuavisa [es], TeleAmazonas [es], El Universo...