· June, 2010

Stories about Ecuador from June, 2010

Ecuador: Bloggers Analyze Truth Comission Report

  21 June 2010

On May 2007, a Truth Commission (TC) was created by presidential decree; its purpose is to investigate and collect information on human rights violations attributed to the security forces in the last 25 years. This past May 7, after three years, the Truth Commission handed out its report to President Rafael Correa, which included 831 human rights violations affecting 456 victims between 1984 and 2008. Bloggers have analyzed the report from different points of view.

Ecuador: Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Visits Ecuador

  9 June 2010

U.S Secretary of State Hillary Clinton visited Ecuador on June 8, where she met with president Rafael Correa to discuss various issues. Twitter users commented on Clinton's visit, reflecting a whole array of sentiments towards the United States and its relationship with Ecuador.