· January, 2008

Stories about Ecuador from January, 2008

Ecuador: Marches in Guayaquil

  28 January 2008

Marches appeared in full force in the city of Guayaquil for a protest against the recent tax reform approved by the Constituent Assembly. Some have even called for greater autonomy for the city led by Mayor Jaime Nebot. A counter-protest also took place by supporters of President Rafael Correa. These two sides have their share of supporters and critics in the Ecuadorian blogosphere.

Ecuador: Correa's Powerpoint Presentation

  23 January 2008

After one year in office, Ecuador president Rafael Correa provided a powerpoint presentation of the achievements of his administration. Nelson Piedra contrasts Correa's presentation with another recent newsworthy event [es[, the Keynote presentation made by Apple Computer's Steve Jobs.

Ecuador: The Eruption of Tungurahua

  15 January 2008

The Tungurahua Volcano in Ecuador has experienced a jump in activity in recent weeks. Since 1999, this activity has affected residents of the surrounding areas, especially farmers and those in the tourism industry. Some Ecuadoran bloggers are following these events, as well as other news around the country.

Americas: End of the Year Traditions

  8 January 2008

End of the year traditions across Latin America are varied, as many include local customs, the preparation of delicious food, and plenty of loud fireworks. This is a collection of how some bloggers spent their holidays throughout the region.