· January, 2006

Stories about Ecuador from January, 2006

Caribbean: The Taíno & Catholicism

  31 January 2006

Indigenous issues blog Voice of the Taino people links to an article entitled “Christianity, Capitalism, Corporations, and the Myth of Dominion”, noting that the “Roman” Catholic Church still has not properly addressed the call by the Taíno and other Indigenous Peoples world wide for the revocation of the 1493 Inter-Ceatera...

We Love Cooking!

  28 January 2006

#1: All Indian food does NOT taste the same! From the UK, We all live downstream explains this popular belief that find its roots in the lack of adventurous spirit of some when executing this natural, vital and recurrent activity. What kind of Indian food do you get when you...

Ecuador: Student Protests Grow Larger

27 January 2006

After Morgan encountered the tear gas of riot police, Jonathan now says that schools were closed today in Quito after the size of student protests has increased.

Ecuador: “The Smell of Tear Gas in the Evening…”

25 January 2006

Morgan describes what it is like to be caught in a cloud of tear gas after riot police retaliated against protesters who hijacked two buses in anger over a proposed hike in bus fare from 25 to 35 cents. (Ecuador uses the U.S. dollar)

Andean Countries: Digital Andean Library

  25 January 2006

Otto Boye y Arturo Durán introduce (ES) the Digital Andean Library (ES), which makes available to internet users various studies, books, and documents from the Andean countries of Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela.

Ecuador: Six Years of U.S. Dollars

13 January 2006

Writing on the six year anniversary of Ecuador's “dollarization,” A.M. Mora y Leon lays out the benefits of adopting U.S. currency including lower interest rates and stronger banks. Boz, however, responds in a comment that “dollarization moves the country out of rhythm with its neighbors” and that it “made Ecuador...

Blogging in Exile

  7 January 2006

The following article was originally written in Spanish by Sebastian Delmont, a Venezuelan native who now lives and blogs in New York City. It was published in the first (and only) issue of Weblog Magazine, but is also available at Delmont's second blog, Zona Geek. Following the article, I will...