· March, 2007

Stories about Ecuador from March, 2007

Ecuador: Photo of Blogger Meetup

27 March 2007

Get to know the faces of Ecuadorean bloggers with this hyperlink captioned photo from the last “Blogs&Beers” in Quito.

Ecuador: President Versus Congress

  20 March 2007

Milton Ramirez has a great roundup of response to President Rafael Correa's sparring with Ecuador's congress including excerpts from English and Spanish-speaking bloggers.

Ecuador: Delfin's Humble Beginnings

  8 March 2007

Christian Espinosa follows the ongoing success of YouTube “techno-folklorist” Delfin. A new YouTube interview reveals that the web2.0 phenomenon grew up in a straw house in the small village of Guano in Chimborazo province.

Ecuador: Human Smuggling

  7 March 2007

Milton Ramirez, himself an Ecuadorean immigrant from Loja, takes a look at the lucrative business of human smuggling and how authorities are cracking down.

Ecuador, Chile: Kitsch Goes for Cash on YouTube

  7 March 2007

Is there any method to the madness of who becomes a celebrity on YouTube? Should there be? Should the Hollywood stars of the global, digital era consist of an overweight adolescent falling into a creek, two guys arguing on a bus, Darth Vader shopping in a super market, and, of...