· February, 2008

Stories about Ecuador from February, 2008

Ecuador: Google Maps and Flooding

  29 February 2008

Christian Espinosa of Cobertura Digital [es] writes about the new Google maps mashup that provides locations of the heaviest flooding around Ecuador.

Ecuador: Heavy Rains to Continue

  27 February 2008

Strong rains may continue through the months of March and April in Ecuador writes La Voz de Guamote [es]. The country has been hit with heavy flooding at the beginning of 2008.

Ecuador: My Mobile Voice and Citizen Journalism

  26 February 2008

Mi Voz Móvil (My Mobile Voice) is a project in citizen journalism from the newspaper Ultimas Noticias in Quito, Ecuador. The mobile van travels to neighborhoods where they conduct workshops for aspiring citizen journalists. In many cases, individuals that have submitted news see their stories side-by-side with the professional journalists. Here is a short video of the paper's editor explaining the mobile reporting room.

Ecuador: Government Declares Emergency Due to Flooding

  21 February 2008

Many parts of Ecuador are suffering from heavy flooding, which led the government to declare a national emergency. Some bloggers write about what this will mean for those affected and the work by some sectors that prepared themselves for this disaster and states, “it is better to prevent, than to lament.”

Ecuador: Indigenous Justice in the New Constitution

  15 February 2008

La Voz de Guamote [es] comments that “Indigenous Justice” will be included in the new Ecuadorian Constitution according to one of the delegates. and that this form of justice goes beyond what is normally presented and misunderstood in the media.

Ecuador: Farewell to Petronio Salazar

  6 February 2008

Colorful sports commentator Petronio Salazar recently passed away after a lengthy illness and Ecuadorian bloggers pay homage to the man that were part of their joyful memories associated with sport, including in places where radio signals barely reached.

Ecuador: The Price of Corrpution

  1 February 2008

According to a report from Transparency International, Ecuadorians spend 533 million dollars in bribing public officials. La Voz de Guamote [es] says that this especially affects the poor.