· June, 2006

Stories about Ecuador from June, 2006

Ecuador: Weblog of the Week

29 June 2006

This week's Ecuablogs weblog of the week (ES) is Batiduende (ES). Cartas de Palas (ES) was second place with twenty votes.

The World Cup Online: Discovering Lionel Messi's Blog or Blognovela

  27 June 2006

The anonymous nature of the web is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, everyday citizens living under repressive regimes, can easily learn how to blog anonymously and express themselves without fear of reprisal. On the other hand, it is difficult if not impossible to verify the real identity of...

Ecuador: Apple Inspired Marketing

23 June 2006

Mexican marketing site BriefBlog has noted the influence of Apple's marketing in other advertisements before, but this ad by Ecuadorean TV channel Teleamazonas stands out as beyond obvious.

Ecuador: Minutes of YouTube Fame

  23 June 2006

In a post titled “Minutes of Fame on YouTube” Eduardo Ochoa says he didn't have to film himself dancing ridiculously or falling into a creak to reach YouTube fame. Instead, he and his brother edited a summary of goals from the France – Korea match which ended up being the...

Ecuador: World Cup Festivities

  19 June 2006

Ecuadorean blogger Cristhian Caiza Niama, writing from Germany, shows evidence that his visiting compatriots haven't stopped celebrating their team's advancement to the second round.

Ecuador, Argentina: Comparing World Cup Broadcasts

  19 June 2006

Christian Espinosa compares videos of the Ecuadorean and Argentine broadcasts of Ecuador's 3-0 win over Poland (ES), noting that the “curious comparison would have before been impossible to make without the new possibilities of sharing video over the internet.”

Latin America: Friday Poll Numbers

  9 June 2006

Boz's Friday poll numbers this week show the neck to neck race in Mexico presidential race as well as an electoral map from Peru's recent election.

Ecuador: Postcolonial Economics

  2 June 2006

In one of the most mysterious English-language blogs on Ecuador I've come across, S. Artesian explains that “the distinction between Sierra and Costa in Ecuador is just this distinction between administration and export; between hacienda and export crop production.”