· July, 2005

Stories about Ecuador from July, 2005

Latin America Responds to TeleSur's Launch

  28 July 2005

This past Sunday a small group of 25 journalists in Caracas, Venezuela began pilot-broadcasting a new Pan-American satellite news network called TeleSur which, by September, hopes to be reaching audiences all throughout the Americas with at least nine regional bureaus including Colombia, Argentina, Cuba, Brazil, Washington D.C, La Paz and...

Ecuador: Manta Urban Fire

27 July 2005

Pedro Santana C. has new photos of last week's urban fire in Manta, Ecuador. Eduardo Ochoa of Li-1 blogged and photographed the fire [es] the same day it happened and a photo pool was started on Flickr.

Ecuador: Former president a wanted man

25 July 2005

Jeannette Jalil writes from Chile that “The Supreme Court of Ecuador has issued an arrest warrant for the former president, Lucio Gutierrez.”

The State of Free Culture in Latin America

  20 July 2005

This past weekend at the Contemporary Cultural Center in Barcelona, Spain, an international and multi-lingual group of bloggers, artists, musicians, and lawyers met to discuss the Free Culture movement which aims to reform intellectual property law into a workable paradigm for the digital era. More than just another intellectual property...

Ecuador: ¿Avión de transporte de tropas en Manta?

15 July 2005

Eduardo Ochoa points to [es] Édgar Ríos’ new watchdog blog, Manta y las bases de EE.UU [es], which asks why troop transport planes are flying out of a U.S. military base which is supposed to be dedicated to monitoring narco-trafficking.

Americas Roundup

  5 July 2005

Jeff Barry offers an in-depth reflection on the death of 194 young Argentinians who were caught inside the concert venue Cromagnon as it caught fire on December 30, 2004. Blog de Viajes links to Argentinian tourism statistics for the year 2004 [es] and then questions if Latin America can quicken...

Americas Roundup

  4 July 2005

Tomas Sancio of Venezuelan Politics explains why Venezuelans trade Bolívares for US dollars in the black market. Jorge Arena of Arena Space writes on The Devil's Excrement about the recent murder of three engineering students by the Venezuelan police and what must be done to bring forth justice. Morena discusses...