· March, 2008

Stories about Ecuador from March, 2008

Ecuador: The Aftermath of the Border Crisis

  26 March 2008

On the outside, it appeared as if the governments of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela reached an agreement over the border conflict that took place earlier this month. However, tensions continue to be high and diplomatic relations have not returned to normal, especially after a photograph was published in a Colombian newspaper claiming that the Ecuadorian defense minister met with the fallen FARC leader Raúl Reyes. However, it was revealed the man in the photograph was not the government official as indicated causing more tension, and bloggers from Ecuador write about this mistake.

Ecuador: Google Maps and Flood Zones

  14 March 2008

Christian Espinosa of Cobertura Digital [es] provides an update on the project of using Google Maps to show and provide more information of the areas affected by the heavy flooding in Ecuador.

Ecuador: Natural Forces Threatening the Country

  11 March 2008

The recent diplomatic crisis in Ecuador did not stop other natural forces from producing a crisis of their own in the country. Heavy rainfalls and a threatening volcano have continued to be a focus of local bloggers, who hope that the government and media can be better equipped to handle these ongoing issues. One even poked fun at a governmental campaign that asks Ecuadorans to stay positive in spite of these hardships.

Venezuela: Agreement Reached in Santo Domingo

  8 March 2008

After a very tense week between three South American countries, presidents from the entire region met in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. The original agenda was scrapped in order to address the border crisis that had been continuing with insults, complaints and challenges. However, an agreement was reached after lengthy debates leaving each country satisfied with preserving their original argument. Venezuelan bloggers join in and provide their thoughts on the crisis during the week.

Ecuador: Diplomacy and OAS Resolution Not Enough

  7 March 2008

Milton Ramirez of BPLE [es] collects more reactions from Ecuadoran bloggers, but also summarizes that the recent meetings at the Organization of American States were not enough to “restore the soverignty of Ecuador.”

Ecuador: What Should Happen With the Border Crisis

  7 March 2008

Danny Ayala Hinojosa of El Federalista [es] writes what he wants regarding this border crisis, “We want the Venezuelan and Ecuadoran troops to return to their bases,” and “We want the conflict to be resolved diplomatically and for the insults to the legitimate governments and the people and institutions that...

Ecuador: Double Standards for the FARC and Colombia

  7 March 2008

“The FARC can violate our borders on a daily basis, set up camps in our jungle, but the Colombian government cannot? It is only then, when we explode, break off relations and even appear as if we are preparing for war?” writes Vida Quiteña en Gringoland [es].

Barbados: Neighbours at War?

  6 March 2008

“In case you haven’t noticed, a few of our neighbours are making noises that sound very much like war”: Barbados Free Press wonders whether the Venezuela/Ecuador/Colombia issue will have an impact on Barbados.

Venezuela: More on the Crisis

  6 March 2008

Kira Kirakin's new blog is called Anotaciones Al Borde [es] and her recent entry has to do with the tool Google Earth and the possibility of seeing FARC campsites.

Brasil: The FARCs statement in face of the death of Raul Reyes

  5 March 2008

Professor Antônio echoes in his blog[PT] the statement allegedly made (in spanish) by FARC's High Command in face of what they call “the assassination of Raul Reyes”, one of the political group's leaders, and several other people in an attack by the Colombian army some days ago.

Colombia: The Unsettling Conflict with Ecuador and Venezuela

  5 March 2008

Colombian bloggers are closely following the events unleashed by the Colombian army's incursion into Ecuadorian territory. Fear of war is palpable throughout the discussions on the legitimacy of the attack and its repercussions, the unveiling of computer files establishing nexus between the Ecuadorian and Venezuelan governments and the FARC and the knowledge of 50 KGs of Uranium that the FARC allegedly has.

Ecuador: Breaking Diplomatic Ties With Colombia

  4 March 2008

Ecuadorians are divided regarding the incidents along Ecuador's Northern border with Colombia, when the Colombian army attacked a group of FARC guerrillas, killing a top leader, Raul Reyes. As a result President Rafael Correa decided to break off diplomatic relations with Colombia because the attack occurred on Ecuadorian soil. Some bloggers agree with the president, but others are wondering what the FARC was doing in Ecuador and their relationship with the Correa government.