· November, 2010

Stories about Ecuador from November, 2010

Ecuador: “Clean Quito” Campaign Fights Chewing Gum

  24 November 2010

Have you ever thought about how much it costs a municipality to remove chewing gum stuck to the pavement? Thousands of dollars in street cleaning are spent to fight this habit of discarding chewing gum on the ground. In Quito, the municipal government and several schools began a campaign that seeks to remove gum from the ground and make the capital cleaner.

Ecuador: Short Film About Migration Available Online

  16 November 2010

Forced Migration Online shares a link to a short film by Simon James called “Ecuador: Migration and Remittances”: “This short video offers a general overview of current Ecuadorian migration to Europe and the United States. The work touches on relationships between migrant and employer and the impact on the Ecuadorian...

Ecuador: The Government and Social Networking

  15 November 2010

Use of the Internet and social networks by the government of Ecuador is rapidly increasing. Is this an attempt to increase government transparency, a new media strategy or alternatively, is this the government's way of bypassing the media silence?

Ecuador: Wikitravel Page for Loja

  8 November 2010

Voces Lojanas [es] writes about the creation of a Wikitravel page [es] for the southern city of Loja, quoting its creator, Carlos Correa [es] saying that there was a need for a site that could be updated constantly and where “no one imposes their points of view or give special...

Ecuador: Keeping Traditions Alive on Day of the Dead

  5 November 2010

Ecuadorians recently finished celebrating the Day of the Dead with liters of colada morada and many, many guaguas de pan, the traditional drink and food for the holiday. The special drink and bread are prepared and consumed on November 2nd, celebrating an ancestral tradition. The tradition was also celebrated through the blogosphere, where a campaign has appeared to keep Halloween from the traditional celebration.