· May, 2008

Stories about Ecuador from May, 2008

Ecuador: Internet Access Lacking in Countryside

  26 May 2008

Christian Espinosa of Cobertura Digital [es] cites figures regarding internet access in Ecuador and notes that more than 60% of the toal internet users are based in Quito. He writes, “the challenge is in the rural areas,” in reference to the alarming statistic that between 1-4% of residents in the...

Ecuador: President Correa Criticized During European Visit

President Rafael Correa has not had an easy time during his European visit. At various events, he has been publicly criticized for his anti-Colombian rhetoric and for his inaction for helping the immigrant communities. At one meeting, he confronted an Ecuadoran immigrant who had been openly critical, and Correa said to him, "because of idiots like you, the entire Ecuadoran community looks bad." Even though some reports say that the man had been rude, the exchange did not go over too well with bloggers and the media.

Ecuador: Changes in the Country's Symbols

  15 May 2008

Danny Ayala of El Federalista [es] writes about proposals to change some of Ecuador's symbols put forth by members of the Constituent Assembly. He adds his own suggestions on what should changed, such as the country's flag.

Ecuador: A Weekend of Free Software Throughout the Country

  1 May 2008

Throughout Latin America, Free Software festivals were held where the general public could bring in their computers and receive installations of free software. In Ecuador, this event received special attention since the government has moved towards the installation of this software in computers of the public adminitration. Fourteen events were held throughout the country and bloggers were on hand to write about the organization, participation and results.