· March, 2009

Stories about Ecuador from March, 2009

Ecuador: Heading to the Polls Yet Again

  30 March 2009

In less than a month, approximately 10.5 million Ecuadorians will head to the polls yet again. After approval of the new Constitution last September, elections to select the president, members of the legislature and other local authorities are scheduled for April 26. The current president, Rafael Correa, has announced his intention to run, where he is favored to win.

Ecuador: Barcamp and Sunday Morning in Quito

  23 March 2009

The Ecuadorian digital community has been organizing and participating in various events in the capital city of Quito. On March 21, the first BarCamp took place, which followed a web entrepreneurial meeting called Sunday Morning held in February. Participants and organizers alike comment on the events and reflect on what they took away from meeting with like-minded people.

Ecuador: Quality Control of the Media

  12 March 2009

Ecuadorian President Rafael Correa has had a rough relationship with the media and journalists in that country. A local newspaper claimed that the government was preparing a new law that would give the government more control over public and private media outlets. Even though the government denied this claim, Ecuadorian bloggers participated in an online discussion about the role of the media and the quality of their journalism.