· April, 2007

Stories about Ecuador from April, 2007

Getting to Know Global Voices’ Latin America Team

  25 April 2007

Some of the very best weblogs from around Latin America hardly ever receive mention on Global Voices. That's because their authors are also contributors here and spend most of their time drawing your attention to others' posts. Well, it's long past time to highlight their personal creativity and boundless enthusiasm for new media in Latin America.

Ecuador: Constitutional Assembly to be Formed

  17 April 2007

Responding to the apparent confirmation of a constitutional assembly in Ecuador on Sunday, Bloggings by Boz calls the passage of the referendum “a big win for Correa.” Prior to voting day, Professor Matthew Søberg Shugart asked readers “Has any executive ever summoned the people to the polls to vote on...

Ecuador, Spanish: “Guglear” Officially Recognized

5 April 2007

Unlike most other languages, Spanish is officially regulated by a governing body. A governing body which, according to Christian Espinosa [ES], has finally accepted the inevitable: everyone's favorite investigative verb, to google. Yo gugleo, tu gugleas, we all gugleamos.

Exploring Ecuador's Cyber-South

  2 April 2007

Photograph of Loja, Ecuador by Milton Ramirez Ecuador is a country with low access to the Internet and so most Ecuadorian netizens must save enough money to use an Internet cafe or pay for their own costly connection. The situation is even more interesting if we look at the impoverished...