· August, 2006

Stories about Belarus from August, 2006

Belarus: What Is Tyranny?

  24 August 2006

Robert Mayer of Publius Pundit returns from a trip to Ukraine and Belarus and launches a discussion on the “varying degrees and intensities of tyranny.”

Belarus: Quick Political Update

  22 August 2006

VW of TOL's Belarus Blog posts an update on political developments in Belarus: some activists have been released from jail, others are on trial – and still others have been taken off the bus and made to cross the border on foot – all because they were allegedly carrying banned...

Former Soviet Union: 15 Years Since the August Coup

  19 August 2006

Today is 15 years since the beginning of the events that some people consider (RUS) Russia's Orange Revolution – but which are better known as the August Putsch. This year, on August 20 and 21, memorial services will be held in Moscow for Dmitry Komar, Ilya Krichevsky and Vladimir Usov,...

Belarus: Prohibition Looming

  16 August 2006

BM of TOL's Belarus Blog is shocked: Belarusians may soon have to drink juice, not beer or vodka, outside; underage drinking may become impossible; stores may be forced to stop selling alcohol after 10 PM. “Regime begins to limit people’s freedom in more and more ways, not only freedom of...

Belarus: Opposition's FAQ; Gay Belarus

  15 August 2006

The once very lively Belarusian flash mob LJ community – by_mob – is now rather sleepy (possibly, because it's summer). But it's not dead. LJ user z-hunter, for example, has recently suggested to compile a list of 100 “frequently asked questions and answers” – about the opposition to Aleksandr Lukashenko's...