· September, 2007

Stories about Belarus from September, 2007

Russia: Conference on Renewable Energy Sources

  23 September 2007

Web 2.0. is finally coming to the Balkans: SeminarskiRad.com, a portal based on the share principle and offering free resources to Serbian students, has become really popular very quickly. A few days ago, the portal's blog supplement opened on Blogger, dedicated to the topics relevant to Serbia's youth. The first post is a report from a recent Moscow conference on renewable energy, whose aim was to educate young scientists in order to make this planet greener.

Belarus: Public Indifference to EU's Demands

  3 September 2007

According to TOL's Belarus, most Belarusians don't care whether their country fulfills the 12 demands of the EU or not. Some of these demands include freeing all political prisoners and investigating the disappearances of politicians and journalists.