· June, 2010

Stories about Belarus from June, 2010

Russia, Belarus, Moldova: Gas Wars

  24 June 2010

Updates on the gas dispute between Russia and Belarus – at Leopolis, Jamestown Foundation Blog, and BelarusDigest. A May 28 post on Moldova's relationship with Gazprom – at RFE/RL's Transmission.

Belarus: 200 Meters of Gay Pride in Minsk

  12 June 2010

“Insider’s view from Belarusian Gay Pride March” – at Belarus Digest: “Two nights in the police department seemed an eternity for us. So now when I’m free I can’t keep it to myself. I don’t appear to have any freedom of speech in my country, but I have the freedom...

Belarus: Europe via Minsk and Caracas

  4 June 2010

Volha Charnysh of Belarus Digest describes how Belarus now imports Venezuelan crude oil, refines it, and re-exports it to Europe, all in a complex scheme to lessen Minsk's dependence on Moscow for energy deliveries.