· December, 2010

Stories about Belarus from December, 2010

Belarus: Users Are Redirected to Fake Opposition Websites

RuNet Echo  19 December 2010

Habrahabr-user webdew reports that Belarus users are being redirected to fake opposition websites: gazetaby.in, nnby.in, charter97.in, bchdd.in, belaruspartisan.in, euroradio.in, ucpb.in, svaboda.in. The design of all these websites is the same but the content is completely different from the original. All domains belong to “Belpak”, Belarus state-owned Internet provider.

Belarus: Gmail, Twitter, LiveJournal, Facebook and other Sites Blocked

RuNet Echo  19 December 2010

Belarus government blocked all major social media (Gmail, Twitter, LiveJournal, Facebook) as well as opposition media outlets “Charter 97“, “Belarus Partizan“, and “Solidarity“, Lenta.ru reported [RUS]. The government decided to block social media in order to prevent mass mobilization after today's elections and following protests.

Belarus: Search for National Identity

  10 December 2010

At OpenDemocracy.net, Natalia Leshchenko writes that “Belarusians have come to the point where they need a shared, universally accepted, veritable and satisfying understanding of themselves as a nation, and a common vision of their goals and priorities of development.”

Belarus: Election and Unrest

  9 December 2010

At OpenDemocracy.com, Olga Birukova writes about the upcoming presidential election in Belarus and the potential post-election protests: “No one actually knows what the level of protest could realistically be in a fully developed dictatorship in a country squeezed in between Russia and Europe.”