· May, 2007

Stories about Belarus from May, 2007

Belarus: More on Student Rallies

  24 May 2007

More on the recent student protest and the “official” opposition at TOL's Belarus: “Student protests have not been that successful – and official opposition media have mostly failed to deliver appropriate reports from them. An action on the 20th of May has gathered round 250 people, whereas an action on...

Belarus: Students’ Rally

  23 May 2007

TOL's Belarus translates two posts – here and here – by Belarusian bloggers on a student rally against cancellation of discounts for students and war veterans.

Belarus: The Opposition's Failure

  23 May 2007

TOL's Belarus has some harsh words for the Belarusian opposition: “The opposition party leaders will make fools of us for as long as we allow it. All of them should have resigned back in 2001. They had a last chance to rehabilitate themselves in 2006. But now they have seized...

Belarus: Blog Roundup

  18 May 2007

TOL's Belarus posts an overview of Belarusian blogs: “The burning news of the BB (belarusian blogosphere) recently has become a new witty initiative of the government to remove all satellite antennas and climate control devices located on outer walls of Minsk buildings.”

Belarus: The Opposition, One Year On

  16 May 2007

TOL's Belarus sums up the sorry state of the country's opposition: “So one year since the Spring 2006 protests is officially over with his release, a year which Kazulin has spent in prison, hundreds more people went through arrests or other forms of persections, and the rest of the Unified...

Europe: Balkan Blogs on Eurovision

  14 May 2007

A small roundup of the Eurovision-related posts from the Balkans: Pustolovina: Adventure in Serbian writes on the victory for the “new Serbia” and on “a night of belonging”; East Ethnia writes on the complex politics behind this year's Serbian winner Marija Serifovic; Bosnia Vault writes about the contest's youngest participant...

Belarus: Struve Geodetic Arc

  11 May 2007

TOL's Belarus writes about Struve Geodetic Arc, which was biult in the 19th century “as a part of the first scientific attempt to establish the exact size and shape of Earth.”

Belarus: A View on WWII

  11 May 2007

TOL's Belarus translates Ales Cajcyc's view on WWII: “Lukashenka’s Belarus has added another, special meaning to the celebrations of the 9th of May. Having no ideological or metaphorical grounding on which to build up the state system, the regime keeps grappling at the remnants of the past, at these emotional...