· August, 2007

Stories about Belarus from August, 2007

Russia: Subethnic Divisions

  24 August 2007

Window on Eurasia writes on how subethnic divisions among Russians influence (or not) Russia's relations with its neighbors.

Belarus: Students and KGB

  21 August 2007

TOL's Belarus translates a blog entry written by a Belarusian student who was summoned to the KGB and questioned on his studies and life in Lithuania.

Belarus: Eternal Flame

  10 August 2007

Eternal Remont takes a guess at what might be Russia's reaction to the following incident: “…last night, three drunk Belarussian youths have done what the Germans could not 60 years ago, by extinguishing the Eternal Flame dedicated to World War II soldiers in Minsk's Victory Square.”

Belarus: Homeless Man's New Apartment

  10 August 2007

Adam Goodman of Being Had shares a story of a man who seems to have benefited from “a law against homelessness” that is said to exist in Belarus: “I think you can imagine how startling it is to have your friendly neighborhood bum come to you and say he now...

Belarus to increase its control of the Internet

  8 August 2007

President Alexandre Lukashenko is planning to increase the control of the Internet. “If we read what is posted there, we will see that it serves as a platform not only for the opposition, but for voices and nations that are hostile to us,” Lukashenko said, urging his government to “put...

Russia: 1937

  6 August 2007

Sean's Russia Blog writes about one of the orders that marked the beginning of Stalin's Terror.